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18 Feb 2011 - 23:1750586
Recent updates (18th Feb)
Hi all, we've added quite a few little changes in the new updates and occasionally we do miss things!

Please use this thread to ask any questions about the new features, or point out any problems you have, so we can try and keep it all in one place.

Many thanks!

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19 Feb 2011 - 02:3650595
Oh hi

Love the updates, I've found a few things to point out already though, sorry!

*Typo: #4 - Green Cricles
*longer character names will run on and overlap with the next character name. Also some names will get cut off if situated at the end. Perhaps the coding should be changed so if there's a space in a character's name the second name is put underneath, and the text is centered?
*the dark blue font on the Blue Stars banner is a bit hard to read.
*The yellow flowers, green circles and back skulls fonts can blend with the background in some parts too. I would suggest using a font type that has a second colour border around it (in photoshop, I think it's called "stroke"?).

*on the front page, the first image is tiny and there's a huge gap between it and the next two images which are fairly large. Not sure if it's meant to look like that or not?
*I'd be interested to see a one or two sentence blurb with the weekly costume showcase saying why it was showcased or pointing out details to check out.
*Will there be a "List of Previous Costume Showcases" to look through in case we don't log on to cosplayisland for a while and we want to see what's been showcased before?

*seems a bit complicated and confusing, but that may just be because it's 2am and I'm ill. I know it'd be a bitch for perrin to code, but would a drag-and-drop or a "click up and down arrows to reorder" system be possible?

*There's a drop-down menu on the member's page for no reason since there's only one option. I'd recommend adding a "location" option to search by location?

NEW: Searching now includes option to only show completed costumes GODSEND
NEW: Events list now showed next/last 5 instead of based on 90 day interval FINALLY MAKES SENSE
NEW: Event pages now show three random photos of costumes from the event Nice addition
NEW: "Recent Friend Activity" list can now show up to 200 entries I love you, thank you for changing this!
NEW: "Recently Received Comments" can now optionally show up to 20 entries I love you even more for this lol
NEW: Photo archive per member now available from overview page Works perfectly! Thank you!!

So besides a few minor bugs, an overall awesome and very full update Thank you so much!

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19 Feb 2011 - 21:1150622
Found another bug...

*this will only work for page 1 and then resets itself afterwards. For example, I searched for "Ranka" under costumes and ticked "Show completed costumes only". This brought up 18 results, 8 of which were on page 2. When I click on page 2, the "Show completed costumes only" unticks itself and it then shows me all 32 Rankas instead.

28 Feb 2011 - 22:3551389
And yes, somehow I *knew* you would be the dedicated one with feedback

Banners - The banner system is Perrin's baby, so he's going to take a look at the colour schemes and have a play a bit with them - I'm afraid aligning long text is going to be a bit of an issue though. For now we'd say please try and use short names where possible (perhaps knock off the surname while you know you are using the banner if it doesn't look right) and we'll see if we can do anything.

Showcase - The smaller picture is the avatar for the costume, unfortunately I think SephNoir's costume was probably the worst example for this, because she uses a smaller photo for it rather than anything cropped! You should see better now though with Karen's what it'll most likely look like. Although actually it should have a border & title around it...which we seem to be missing! (Will sort!)

We're taking little steps with this feature, at the moment we would just like to showcase a great costume that the users have nominated - we feel having specific reasons 'why' each one was picked doesn't really add to this at the moment. What we'd definitely encourage though is for people to comment on the costume and perhaps say why *they* like it For the previous showcases, in the top main menu there's a 'Showcase' option, where you can view all the past ones.

Costume weighting - I've mentioned this in BabemRoze's thread, yes we'd ideally love to get to a drag-and-drop system, but for now I'm afraid we'll have to stick with numbers! Do be aware though that once you save the weighting, it'll reorder it on the weighting screen, so you can make small changes and see how it looks easily. (I tried to do all mine at once and then gave up, did it this way!)

Member Directory - I suppose that is a little obsolete for now! I guess though we can think of it as a place holder for when we do add further fields to search by. (Searching by location is a bit of a minefield, but in discussion!)

Search bug on 'completed costumes' - Whoops! Sorry! This is now fixed

Thanks for taking the time to thoroughly go through all the changes, and I'm glad you like the updates! (Mostly, haha) I wanted to wait until a few of the bugs were sorted before replying, do shout if you find anything else.

05 Mar 2011 - 08:3051721
First of all, thank you for all the new updates. I think they are fantastic.

I love the Showcase. I do agree with Yuka of perhaps having a little something mentioned as to why the costume was picked.

Shame about the name issue in the costume banner. Quite a few of mine have long names so I hope it is looked into at a later date.

Yes, I love that the search shows completed costumes. i agree with Yuka on that one too.

All in all, I love the new updates. Well done on your hard work guys and for putting them together.

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