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18 Feb 2011 - 20:0950571
Kentcos, Kent Cosplay.
Hi everyone. I'm looking for people who'd like to meet up around Kent, Cosplay, Go to shops, hangout and have a fun time.
You don't have to be from Kent or be dressed in Cosplay.. Just the meets will be in Kent and cosplay can make everything funner (plus we wouldn't be a cosplay group without cosplaying).

I'm starting a group called Kent Cosplay, Kentcos for short. As I couldn't find an alive Cosplay group in kent via searching, I decided to make a group instead.

I plan to have the main meet place be Canterbury, as Canterbury is pretty much in the middle of Kent. And should be big enough to find fun things to do. But I think we should also have meets in other places, so we can go more places and have more fun.. Such as a Beach Town, Maybe a town in Thanet during the Summer?

I've made a facebook group page, that I will use to try organise meets. Here's the link http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_167826493264683

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18 Feb 2011 - 20:2450573
Canterbury would proabably be easier for people then thanet due to the fact that people can get to it via train!

18 Feb 2011 - 20:4250574
i live in canterbury so this would be excellent....(for me) XD

i am a bat~ dechu
18 Feb 2011 - 21:1550575
Quote gaming_goddess:
Canterbury would proabably be easier for people then thanet due to the fact that people can get to it via train!

Yeah my point was. Canterbury would be the main place. While we could meet at beach towns during summer. As an example of not meeting up in the same place all the time or having secondary meets or something.

Quote liam_xlr8r:
i live in canterbury so this would be excellent....(for me) XD

Feel free to request to join the group on facebook

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21 Feb 2011 - 11:4150769
yeah go to margate for the beach its aces (a tad chavy though)

21 Feb 2011 - 12:2950774

While not entirely cosplay-centric there's already a sizable anime society in Canterbury

23 Feb 2011 - 10:1450938
I live in kent and have tryed to arrange cosplay meets before, tho I never seem to have much luck ^^; Would be great to meet new people about the area who cosplay too

23 Feb 2011 - 12:0550943
I live in Kent I'm from Dartford so on the edge of Kent really >< but yay =D

27 Feb 2011 - 21:4951292
Anyone wanna suggest a date? I'm mainly only free at weekends and I'm busy from now until 24th of april. But these things tend to be better when the weathers good anyway

04 Mar 2011 - 12:4651639
For anyone interested we are going to have a meet on the 19th of March. It's going to be in Canterbury
Meeting time is 10:30 to 11:30 am. Meeting place is outside the McDonalds on St Georges Street.

Here's the link to the facebook event.

About the Kent Anime Society, I didn't know they existed and I don't see why we can't both exist lol.

06 Mar 2011 - 00:1151770
Heya I'm from Kent. (Dartford) so same as babemroze.

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30 Mar 2011 - 09:3753183
The next Kentcos meet in Canterbury will be on the 16th of April.
You can read more at the facebook event page. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=103004219785588

30 Mar 2011 - 10:1853184
i'm From Folkestone so i should be able to attend, Folkestones got a beach too if your still considering. ?!

21 Jul 2011 - 12:0463826
Next meet is this saturday. Here's the facebook event.

21 Jul 2011 - 20:0963883
I'm a Kentish girl, but Hyper Japan is this weekend.

24 Jul 2011 - 13:1964129
The next meet up is gonna be on the 13th of August in Canterbury,
Here's the facebook event. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=183374518385153&ref=ts

And we're planning to cosplay at the Will Adams festival on the 10th of September at Gillingham Park, a small group of us going is going to cosplay Bleach. Here's the facebook event link. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=136134566462087&ref=ts

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24 Aug 2011 - 13:3767530
Next month's meet will be in Canterbury on 25 September. Meeting up at Dane John Gardens.
Here's the FB event link.

And for the month after's meet we will change location to start an alternating monthly meet. The meet being at Maidstone on 8 October. I will post a link once the event has been made. I'm still trying to decide the meeting spot.

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30 Sep 2011 - 20:0271261
Sorry for taking so long with making the facebook event for the next meet I've been delayed. Here's the link,

11 Nov 2011 - 22:2274174
Yoho everyone, the next Kentcos meet is gonna be next Saturday in Canterbury. Here's the facebook event link to anyone who is interested. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=183158958427217

We're gonna meet at Dane John Park (Hopefully it isn't too cold -_-' which is in-between the the main high sreet and the Canterbury east Train station. The spot we will be meeting at is the entrance opposite the shops and bus depot past a zebra crossing.

The meeting time is 10:30 to 11:30 after that we will walk around Canterbury then possibly come back to the park. We don't have any set ending time.

Gosh I look like I'm spamming.. I wish there was a way to delete posts..

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