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13 Jul 2008 - 12:274636
Other fashion styles
As gothic lolita is allowed to be put on here as a cosplay, I was wondering what other fashion styles are acceptible too?

I have worn and done photos of other styles of clothing - Japan punk/visual style being the main one and would love to put the photos up, but Im not sure if it would be allowed as "cosplay costumes".

I did put a photo up, not of a cosplay as such (I could use it for one though xD) but ancient chinese dress and I think this fits in ok.

Can someone help pretty please? xD

13 Jul 2008 - 12:394638
i'm not an authority, but i think these guys would be ok with that if you got the stuff together yourself. put it under its own thread with a title like "alternate fashion" or something.

and if this is wrong, don't point me out to the moderators

i'd be interested in seeing the photos tho...

13 Jul 2008 - 12:454639
Hmm, well, I suppose the costumes are put together by me, I cant take credit for making them, but tbh, I buy a lot of cosplay clothing cause I cant actually make clothing xD.

I will try putting one up and see what happens I guess.

Im not on about putting them in the forum though, on the actual main pics part?


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13 Jul 2008 - 14:064641
just give it a go... they're easily removed if need be

13 Jul 2008 - 14:394642
Hiya, I saw this question in your intro post but thought it best to reply here so that more people are likely to see the answer! I'm surprised this hasn't been raised before to be honest, but here we go.

'Fashion' costumes (such as Visual Kei and gothic lolita) and original designs fall under the same category. You can add them to the site in the same way you would a costume from a game, movie or anime and just put them down as 'Original'.

It's a bit of a grey area, and it's hard to decide where we draw the line and say 'No, that's not a costume! Take it down!' but here's some guidelines to go by.

Upload decent photos
We'd like to ask that with costumes along these lines you take some nice photos, having a full outfit with styled hair and makeup is much more acceptable.

Add a description
You're adding the outfit as a costume, so talk about it! Why did you choose the look, is it a certain style you are fond of? If the outfit is made out of entirely bought items, try talking about them in the description - why you thought it went with the style, where you found them, etc. Then for other users there is more to see and can tell effort went into the style. This is then using the site as it is supposed to be used, rather than just as somewhere to upload photos.

Obviously we'll draw the line somewhere. For example - taking random phone pictures of yourself with friends in slightly modified top and adding lots of 'costumes' like this with no descriptions? You will probably be asked to remove it. But this will be done on a case by case basis, if it looks like someone is taking the mickey really. If one of us do decide that a costume entry shouldn't be on the site, we send a polite PM asking for it to be removed. (There's no public humiliation and we wont shout at anyone )

So in summary, 'fashion costumes' (I really cant think of a better term for them..) are allowed on the site, just be sensible and treat it the same as if you were adding a 'character' costume.

Anyway, hope that answers your question, feel free to ask more if there's something I've not been too clear on.

Just a note on the 'buying' issue (this always raises such a debate, so here is our official stance!)
Whether it was made by yourself, commissioned by someone else or bought from normal shops, from an admin point of view on this site we will not discriminate at all. We don't care, at all. Some things are far easier to buy than to make, and while some people get enjoyment out of making things, others far prefer wearing costumes. If you made it, say so, if you bought it, say so. Enough said

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13 Jul 2008 - 15:024644
Ahh thankyou so much for clearing that up!! Oh yes, I get what you mean, I wouldnt put any of my scruff clothing up haha xDD (Unless it WAS a cosplay)

All the visual styles I have done are heavily finished off with hair and makeup so I think its not a problem.

I really like this site!! It is very open about what is allowed and what classes as cosplay; to me, cosplay and dressing up is pretty much one and the same!!!

I suppose to, the visual styles are influenced by bands to an extent, so perhaps it is slightly cosplay. xD


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