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15 Feb 2011 - 01:5250423
Hey everyone, I'm Sarah and I am 22. I'm currently living in Crewe and studying at Manchester Met, but I'm from Carlisle. Ermm I have been making costumes since 2004 and selling them on and I have never actually been to a con so I am really interested in going to one this year, any suggestions? I'd love to make a few new friends as I really don't want to be on my own haha.

Speak soon, Sarah x

15 Feb 2011 - 02:4250424
Hey, welcome to Cosplay Island .

First off, awesome name! >.<
It's always nice to see more people from the North; I'm from Gateshead ^_^.
As for cons, I'd say definitely go to Expo. There's one in London last weekend in May and October and there's one in Manchester on July 30th. They're great for a first con, always loads of cosplayers about and everyone's friendly so you don't really feel like you're on your own.

Hope you enjoy it here!


15 Feb 2011 - 05:3950425
Aww, thanks lovely. I made it up. Thanks for the lovely welcome :]x

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