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12 Feb 2011 - 20:1850322
Khaos Kostumes Site Relaunch!

Click to check it out!

I've completely remade the Khaos Kostumes site from scratch, making it easier to update and edit. This is a change I'd been meaning to do for a long time, because while the site was very nice to look at, I wanted to add more features like tutorials which I just couldn't work out on my old platform.

All of the galleries are up along with commission information. I still have some details to add to some costumes, but they're all there for you to look at.

I'm looking for suggestions for tutorials people would want to see from me, feel free to comment with them!

12 Feb 2011 - 20:3350323
Website looks very nice indeed. I really like the theme.

I love the events bit and I'm such a dork at going "huuur" at the fact Kitacon's on there. I look forward to working with you!

Tutorials wise, I'd say that alot of people would love to see the basics of materials like plastizote and all the stuff that you use with it. Really basic stuff like, shaping, cutting, coating and what you can use to cob things together with it.

I know you've likley said it time and time again, especially at the conventions with your panels but s place for video tutorials would be ace!

The seamstress in me would love to see tutorials based around sewing. I've bee sewing for years but using some patterns is like reading french to me still. I've still yet to FULLY understand things like basting, the corect way to actually use the damn zip foot on my machine (I know it may be slightly different for each machine though)

Lining things is my enemy, I'm terrible at it. I've read loads about how to do it, looked at diagrams and I've even been told by a proffesional about how to do it, yet I still dont get it >_<.

Those are a few I can think of atm, I'm sure theres loads more others could suggest.

13 Feb 2011 - 00:2550338
I actually have a pattern commission I made recently with has details for how to correctly line a jacket (male or female). It'll be easy to whack that up there, though it's drawn instructions, not photos.

I'm not due to use plastazote for a while, but what I'll probably do is take better pictures during production of things so I can upload them as tutorials to the site. Though that means working when it's day light and my camera behaves!

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