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12 Feb 2011 - 17:5450318
Beatrix base wig and curling help
Ever since Cosworx changed, I've never been able to find a decent base wig for a lot of cosplays. The stock they have now just doesn't seem as good a quality as before. D:

Currently I'm looking for a base wig for Beatrix from Final Fantasy 9 and am really struggling. The wig I'm looking for needs to be brown (obviously XD) with a left side parting and fairly thick with no layers and I am really struggling to find this. I've had amphigory recced but I am reluctant to go through Katie Bair as its such a mess around and I've used her before and she sent a black wig instead of a light brown one because they had no brown in stock, so she sent an alternative (And never asked me to boot so ultimately, I had a useless wig).

Could anyone recommend a wig site or store that sells fairly thick wigs with no layers? Just a straight wig that would be long enough to curl. I also need to be able to get wefts in the same colour as the wig. Failing that, buying two wigs and making my own wefts.

Beatrix ref - http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Beatrix

As for curling, I have a few ideas and was wanting to run them by a more seasoned wig creator.

For the curls I first plan on adding several wefts to the wig to build up the thickness since Beatrix has mega thick hair! I'm a little unsure where to place the wefts, but was thinking of parting the hair so that I can see the wig mesh and simply adding to the top of the wig, since this is where he hair is most thick. I've only added wefts to the bottom of the hairline of a wig before to add length rather thickness, so is adding wefts to the top plausible?

For the curls, depending on if the wig is heat resistant, I was going to use a bottle or something with a shiny/slippery surface (so the hair doesn't stick as much), curl the hair around the make shift curler and heat is gently to make it retain the shape. I was then going to set it with either hair spray, or a mix of water and pva. Again, is this a plausible idea? Or could someone recommend a much better way of doing this?


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13 Feb 2011 - 12:1850346
Try just looking on eBay, under brown wigs. There's a good chance you'll find what you need.
Just a small note on the curling, You'lll need omething stronger than just hair spray. When I did Beatrix, the curls where great, for about 30 mins and then they fell out. The hair was still curly, just not held in the right place for Beatrix, so go for the stronger option.
But it is possible to add hair tot he top as well.


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20 Feb 2011 - 13:4650670
I set some strong curls into a wig using hot water. If you wrap the hair around something as thick as you want the curls, then pour HOT but NOT BOILING water over it, the curls will be set in permanently. If you have a spare wig to test on first, I'd try that, as if the water is too hot, it can totally ruin the fibres, but if you're careful, if you screw up, you can just pour water over the loose hair and straighten it again to start over.

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