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12 Feb 2011 - 16:3350311
Possible Commission Needed
I'm going to a con where one of the parties is themed as Twisted Fairytales. Lord knows where I got my inspiration from, but I'd rather like to do Kahlan Amnell's Mother Confessor's dress from the Sword of Truth/Legend of the Seeker series.

The convention isn't until May, but I am on a bit of a tight budget. The dress I'm after looks a like this for anyone unfamiliar with the series.

Hope someone can help me.

15 Feb 2011 - 20:0950448
What sort of price range were you thinking for this?
Also it seems to have a simple black dress underneath - would you be buying this yourself or would you need it made (you could prob find something on ebay that would work for cheap) ^^

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