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10 Feb 2011 - 18:0850228
Scallops are evil, Help!
Hi there ^^ I have a problem ;_;

Im working on a Chun Li (Street Fighter) costume. and ive gotten to the point where i am doing her sleeves. But i cant for the life of me figure out scalloped edges. I cant figure out which way i should sew it, I hav instructions but i still cant make heads of tails of them! Im so stupid T_T Can you help me?

Also, gold chinese frog buttons are IMPOSSIBLE to find! D-:

10 Feb 2011 - 19:3150230
The way I did mine was to treat it like I was making thick cuffs, but measure out and draw a series of triangles on the interfacing. Stitch everything together along the lines you've drawn on the interfacing, then clip away the excess fabric and interfacing, getting as close to the stitch line as you can. Then turn the whole lot right side out, press it (don't worry too much if any loose threads poke through or a few stitches come loose, just make sure everything is neat and trimmed), and finish the edges with bias tape.

Does that make sense?

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10 Feb 2011 - 20:5250237
errrr, i dont have anyinterfacing, i am such a noob, and i realise the kind of techinique, its just figuring out which way the fabric needs to face in order to sew it and turn it inside out. :-/ i think im having a derp day XD

10 Feb 2011 - 21:5150246
I suppose the interfacing is optional, it just helps your cuffs keep their shape better and it's a lot easier to draw on than fabric.

If you want to do it without interfacing then it's pretty straightforward. Put the fabric right sides together and stitch the shapes you need with small stitches (this will help to minimise the possibility of broken seams and loose threads poking through when you turn it right side out). Clip close to the seam, turn it right side out, then press it. If you are using interfacing then you should place it so the adhesive side (it'll be smoother and shinier) is together with the wrong side of one of your strips of fabric. Iron it so the adhesive side bonds to the fabric and keeps it in place (it may not bond completely, I often find it doesn't, but it doesn't matter too much as it's just to hold everything together). Then put the right sides of your fabric together and carry on as I've described above.

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