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11 Jul 2008 - 16:564576
Red Kimono
Are there any characters who could be cosplayed who wear a red kimono? Other accessories can be played with xD. I just want an excuse to wear it.

Preferrably male characters please xD

EDIT: one of my ideas is to do a kimono wearing Dante (DMC), inspired by -Wolfina SnakeHeart-.

They did a great pic of Dante in a kimono, but thats my only idea xD


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13 Jul 2008 - 09:104625
you could do inuyasha wearing a kimono, though i think with him, its usually a haori and hakama. could be a different twist on him though

13 Jul 2008 - 11:314631
Ahh I guess I could. My own version xD.

I do have haori and hakama, but theyre in black sadly xD

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