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08 Feb 2011 - 00:1450092
May MCM 2011~ Who is everyone cosplaying?
Hey guys! I've just signed up to CI and you're all looking beautiful, so I'd like to know who I'll be seeing in May and who you'll be~

My MCM is a full final fantasy montage this time XD I'll be doing Zack Fair from FF7 Crisis Core on the friday, Shiva from FFX on the Saturday and Fang from FFXIII on the sunday~

Oh! and on a side note, all of these are involving group cosplays. The group is missing a Wakka, Seymour, Khimari and some other minor characters on the saturday for FFX, and a Lightning and lots of other characters for FFXIII on the sunday. If anyone is interested in being part of the group then please do say!

Anyway, who are you cosplaying and who with? any progress pics? I'm interested~!

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