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11 Jul 2008 - 14:414569
any good exercises for toning up for cosplays? I found this:


but wondering if anyone has any other bits of info ^^

11 Jul 2008 - 16:124572
which bits are you trying to tone up?

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11 Jul 2008 - 16:484574
stomach, triceps and general arm area.

11 Jul 2008 - 17:194583
Quote 1000014:
stomach, triceps and general arm area.

OK stomach, might seem obvious but sits ups are the best. Crunches are good they might be tough but they work well. (apologies if the advise seems obvious to anyone, but it might not to some!)

Start lying on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, hands behind head lift your upper body half way to knees (all the way to your knees might look cool but actually does nothing for your muscles) hold for a second - you should start to feel that after a few - then back to the floor and repeat. Try and do them in sets of 12-15, and repeat 2/3 times, tip- pick a spot on the ceiling to focus on so your not bending you neck to much as otherwise it can really hurt. Other variations include lifting your legs off the floor while doing them, harder but better results. also lying both legs on the floor to one side do a set, then move them to the other side (think fetal position but with you back flat on the floor) this works the side of your stomach too. But there are a lot of variations, so have a look on the net and pick ones you like, don't stick to the easy options too much though, they wont give you great results!

for triceps bench dips are great and easy to do at home with very little equipment. Grab a chair (or something solid of a similar height) and form a sitting position, but with your bum in the air and your arms on the chair (if that makes no sense then google bench dips and you'll find some piccies) again do sets that you feel comfortable with, but ones that you do 'feel'. Generally for arms, push ups work great but not everyone can do many as they require not just strength but upper body power, if this is the case then you can start by doing 'girls' push ups (where you are on your knees not your feet, with your knees bent so your feet aren't actually on the floor) when (or if) you do find these too easy move on to traditional push ups, then if thats still to easy you can always try 1 armed (requires lots of balance) or clap press ups, where you push your self up so far that you can do a clap in the air then land and repeat. Warning, this can result in a lot of face-planting (trust me) you can always try and get as many claps in one push as you can, I can do 2 (just, but I am a climber!!!) and I'm a girl, so with practice most people should be able to manage at least one.

As you did mention earlier, dumbbell exercises are great for arms, the ones you linked to are good ones to try. If you don't have a set of dumbbells (i think argos sell some for around a tenner) but if your strapped for cash you can use cans of beans etc

OK a few other tips, squats are great for bum/upper thigh area, as is running (if your not a fan of running, try running up and down stairs for a while) and lunges are nice and easy for doing at home (tip - try doing these while holding weights, it will work your arms a bit too)

Right end of ramblings hope thats helps a bit!!!

There is always room for cake
11 Jul 2008 - 17:294585
Press-ups and clapping at the same time? Oh wow that sounds fun xD [I'm one of those wierd people that enjoy doing press-ups >_>;]
I shall try that when I get home after dance and see how many claps I can do; I'll smash my head onto the floor everytime I attempt but hey it'll be amusing just trying to attempt clapping and press-ups at the same time! XD [I need to build up my upper body strength anyways for sports, I fail at throwing xD;]

EDIT: Just tried doing that clapping thing, damn I can't do it at all! So I tried going back to girl press-ups cause I was wondering what it felt like... after a good 200 I moved onto 'normal' press-ups and could only do 10 D8... My goal is to be able to clap & press up now! *does more press-ups*
... I take pleasure out of press-ups 8D; I want to become really strong so I can beat my dad & boys at arm wrestling hurhur

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11 Jul 2008 - 17:374587
Thanks for that! I have googled a lot of it but...tbh I dont get the way they describe it tbh, I was looking at crunches but I didnt get the websites examples...even WITH pictures. (So trust a cosplayer to explain it to me better )

I do have dumbells, Ive been starting on them.

Ill give it all a shot thanks so much

As for face plants, it wouldnt be the first time I have ended up with my face in the ground/chair (or tables when I was younger) xD


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11 Jul 2008 - 17:594588
Okay, seeing as we're on the subject. Anyone got anything good for hips? I have pretty slim arms but my hips are huuuge! X.X Most it it is just my natural 'child bearing hips' >_> but I still think I could tone them up a tad.

11 Jul 2008 - 19:404594
OK by hips do you mean love handles/middle tyre type issues?

In that case it's possibly the most difficult area to tone, as there isn't really much muscle there. The bast plan is by dong aerobic exercise, such as running or aerobic classes, as you need to burn off the fat rather than say toning the muscle. Also a good plan is to tone the stomach, as it should work the sides a little, especially if the you do the sideways sit ups that I mentioned earlier (knees and back on floor, legs both the same side) as this works the muscles on the side of the stomach, and should give a nicer definition to the middle area. But tbh the best way to shift the wobbly bits is doing some good aerobic exercise and breaking a sweat

remember though, if your a scale watcher, your weight won't necessarily go down, as muscle weighs more than fat. The best way to track progress is by keeping an eye on your measurements and watch them go down instead!

Oh and for all cosplayers that want to get in shape, I'm afraid you will all need to put the pocky down for a min and take a look in the fruit isle instead! A healthy diet is the best addition to you exercise plan! (Well ok a pack or two of pocky won't hurt!)

There is always room for cake
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