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04 Feb 2011 - 10:1549818
Cosplay Photoshoot in Leeds - With an actual studio and proffesional photographer!
Hi guys ^^
I run the Leeds Cosplay Group and on the 21st of February we've been given the chance to go into a photography studio and get some photo's of all of our cosplays done by a Photographer....FOR FREE!
Plus, there's more. All the photo's taken from the photoshoot will be published in a hardback book. Every participant will get a free copy of the book and the book will be displayed in all Leeds Libraries and the British Library.
So, I've decided to post this on here because any cosplayers that are wanting to attend this are free to do so.
Just as long as you post on here or PM me saying you will be attending. We're looking at 20-30 people in the studio but they can accomodate more if need be.

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