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03 Feb 2011 - 23:2649804
Sale stuff - Needs to go (Need money)
Hi all, I have a few bits for sale need to get rid of them as I need the space.

Orgy Coat:
I was going to use this for a KH cosplay and well it never happened, I have never worn it really only to Hyper Japan to keep me warm. I would think it fit a large as it wont do all the way up on me it is an ebay coat though.
Asking £30 with £10 to ship as its rather heavy.
Or a pick up from bunkasai or Expo is ok for me aswell.

360 Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom limited collectors edition.

This was a present from my brother when I was 21. It comes with the Kuf:CoD japanese game yet will play on UK consoles never been opened and the first KoF game in japanese aswell also not been opened, along with this you will also get:

Presentation box
Art Book

None of this has been touched so its in perfect conition.
I'm asking £60 for this as its really rare and would cost a bomb to send to someone. P+p = £10

Last up:
I have the america DVD set of Helsing Ultimate all 4 parts of it.
Only want £25 for the lot that includs shipping.

I take Paypal or cheque.

Im open to offers aswell so just ask k?

Manda xx

Really need the money for this stuff!


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02 Mar 2011 - 22:0651519
Bumping up...anyone?

03 Mar 2011 - 19:2151567
Got any pics of the OrgXIII gown? I might be interested :3

03 Mar 2011 - 23:2551592

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