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06 Feb 2011 - 07:3549988
All my family know I cosplay, and they all seem pretty interested and impressed with what I make and want to see photos etc.

My mum was a bit dubious about me crossplaying at first, and I had to reassure her that most female cosplayers crossplay as male characters, but she was fine after that.

I don't really have many friends. I tend to keep myself to myself, but all my costumes are up on facebook, so people can see, but they don't tend to comment on it. . .

But then again, I'm doing a BA in Costume, so I guess it's not that strange to them?

But I have managed to get some of my friends cosplaying themselves, so at least some people think its cool xD

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06 Feb 2011 - 09:5049989
My family know I cosplay. They don't have much interest themselves and are fine as long as I don't spend way too much on it.

Quote Quinzel:
Oh, yes family... Only my mam knows. She offers to help haha. To be fair, she has nerdy aspects of her own .
She shows interest in it. One thing you never expect your mother to say to you is 'Oh wow, have you seen this Wesker cosplay?'.
She's said that she'd have loved to have went to conventions and stuff when she was younger, and I can tell by her interest that she'd have been cosplaying if she'd known about it. I've offered to take her to LFCC with me but she's disabled and it would likely be a bit too much for her now . Taking her to the Discworld con next year though, money-permitting.

Wish someone I knew took an interest like that
There's a Discworld con?! Just by the title it sounds amazing.

06 Feb 2011 - 09:5649990
I never had a problem with close friends or family as a grew up with other cosplayers and in the theatre. Both my parents are sci-fi and fantasy fans. My Mum has cosplayed and attended conventions. My Dad loves seeing pics of the costumes and has helped me with prop projects. My brother is Deppalike on here.

All my close friends are cosplayers so I've known about cosplay/costuming for years. As don't really socialise with another type of friends its been cool. I didn't get into costuming/cosplay until after school. I started when I was at college and got to tie it in with college work as I was studying drama.

I don't tell anyone new until I've gotten to known them a bit better. But changes are that they do it themselves already based on the social circles I hang with.

06 Feb 2011 - 10:2849991
Quote _Aeon_:

There's a Discworld con?! Just by the title it sounds amazing.

Yup . It alternates between England and North America every year. It was here last year (Birmingham Hilton Metropole), it's in North America this year and it's back here again in 2012. Terry Pratchett is pretty much always the guest of honour too .


06 Feb 2011 - 10:4749992
That's amazing!!
I'm sad that I didn't know about it last year as I live in Birmingham. Oh, well, hope I can go next year

06 Feb 2011 - 14:0550003
Quote Quinzel:
Quote _Aeon_:

There's a Discworld con?! Just by the title it sounds amazing.

Yup . It alternates between England and North America every year. It was here last year (Birmingham Hilton Metropole), it's in North America this year and it's back here again in 2012. Terry Pratchett is pretty much always the guest of honour too .

WHY DID NO-ONE TELL ME THIS SOONER! *is so researching*

Cosplay + family...

I don't think any of them really understand it, but meh.

Granny down here likes to tell everyone who listens about it (my aunts and uncles, my work colleges, the people at church, EVERYONE!) Whereas my other granny lives in Scotland so doesn't really know much about it.

Dad side (Scottish granny, step mum, little brothers) doesn't really mind. He knows I like to use my imagination, and feels that it's good that I'm working on something that keeps me busy and has some career prospects. My step-mum buys me the crafty materials (she likes that shiz) and reminds me to let them know if I need material, they can get it cheap. Brothers think it's cool that I cosplay video game characters, but I don't think they're ever gonna do the same as me.

Mum side (mum and two sisters) don't mind either. One of my sisters was a drama student and is part of a pantomine group. She usually plays the lead (as in, Robin Hood, the prince in Sleeping Beauty, Prince Charming, Dick Whittingham) so me cosplaying men doesn't bother anyone. Plus, when I showed pictures of some of the females, they were like "WTF are they wearing!!" Though mum annoys me with her constant "remember it's a cartoon dear" when I'm doing a character. It's gotten to the "head-hit-solidobject" stage.

Grandpa (on mum's side) is pretty much, "who is that HUSSY?!" in a jokey manner though. It's rather amusing.

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08 Feb 2011 - 21:2650130
Well, my family knows that I cosplay and my mum supports me all the way, as she states that since it's my hobby and my money that I'm using, there's nothing that anyone can do to stop me and she respects my choices. Surprisingly (since I come from a very traditional and quoting my dad, 'honourable' family, you know, the whole sitting down on the floor with a cup of green tea, reading from old scriptures and writing poems about nature type of family), she also finds it really cool since I introduced her to Hetalia (with the words 'mummy, this teaches me more than I learn in History lessons!' ), but she's sometimes worried when I crossplay, as she once asked me '... This doesn't affect your sexual preference, right?' and I just responded with 'Er, no... I'm, um, straight as a ruler..!' (I still can't believe that I used that phrase -.-) She also helps me sew my cosplay outfits so I suppose I have absolutely no problems with my family about cosplaying.

As for my friends, I hang out with lots of people who cosplay so obviously we would all understand each other and get along and as for my friends who don't cosplay, they just assume that it's part of my 'punk style', sometimes I correct them, but usually I just go along with it. xD Most of them find cosplaying really cool and they just scream when I cosplay as a Bleach or Naruto character (even people at my school who don't know the words 'anime' or 'manga' know Bleach and Naruto, I worry that it might take over the world, epic as it may be xD) and it's sort of turned into my characteristic trait so I guess that's all well.

The only people who find cosplaying really strange and stupid are the chavs, I guess (not exactly surprising but whatever). I have to admit, some of them love the fact that I cosplay (mostly the ones that secretly admit to watching anime) and that just makes my day. ^__^

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09 Feb 2011 - 12:5050158
My Mum has gotten used to it ^^
At first I just told her it was fancy dress and she was ok with it, then I started getting on trains to meet-up's and I think she was relieved I'd actually gotten out of bedroom! (Yeah....I used to stay in my room all day watching anime...my mum got quite worried about me at one point...)
I think she's even more relieved that I take my two little brothers with me to meets...they find it hard to make friends and stuff. They cosplay too ^^ But not as much as i do since they're both 14 and my Mum is seriously over protective of them going places...so they can't go to expo yet so they're not as much into the whole cosplay thing as I am.
When she now see's me walking through the house in a wig or costume she calls me wierd then walks off.
I have no utter clue what my Dad thinks about it...he's never said anything. But he's a obsessed over Runescape and stuff and he's taking me to Midlands expo. He doesn't really know it's an expo...he just knows we're off to Telford for the day X'D
My Grandma's and Grandad's just know it as the 'Japanese costume thing I like' My Grandma and Grandad on my Dad's side don't really like the Japanese because of the whole World War two thing but say that grudges can't be kept througout the generations or something...
My Aunt on my Mum's side finds it hilarious and makes fun of me all the time for it X'D She doesn't seem to minds it much. I stayed at hers for October expo 2009 and I got into a conversation with my Uncle who teaches Art in London about Anime..we argued about anime/manga being a real art form X'D
I don't know a lot of my familly so they don't really know XD We're not really a clsoe family :'D
The majority of my friends are cosplayers, the one's that aren't tend not to ask me about that side of my life. I go to a local majorette's troupe and oa few of the girls their have asked me about it and I've been happy to tell them. They've always seen me as a bit wierd anyway I think so me cosplaying wasn't much of a surprise to them.

11 Feb 2011 - 00:3950260
This is rarther entertaining to be honest.

My family wern't that pleased about me cosplaying at the start they said it was a waist of money and weird.
So instead i turned to my dad and said 'Would you rarther me be normal and start smoking and causing trouble like normal teenagers my age?'
(I have nothing against smokers btw~) But it shut him up and they haven't complained about it since then. I have teh odd grumble from my dad but thast normally from me taking up the living space with fabric.

One of teh oddest things is my mom printed a photo of me cosplaying for the wall and whenever one of her friends come roudn she shows it off. Last time i had to put on one of my costumes to show them. I think people are getting more open minded as they we're actually keen on it.
My dad only likes the idea of it as i travel alot for it and i'm bearly ever home anymore from cosplay friends and always getting prepared for somthing or another.

It gets kinda odd when my dad trys on my wigs for a joke. He acts liek a weirdo and prances round. I see where my oddness comes from 8D

People on teh street, alot give odd looks but the last two times i'v been cosplaying in public we got asked for photos and a few asked if we were cosplaying, some even ask if theres events in the area. And those who didnt know what it was and asked, some were quite shocked that me and my friend had made them ourselves.
I think most only give odd looks as they don't know what it is or the reason we're doing it.
But it also comes down to peoples opions and there views on 'weird' or 'normal' :/ Shame really.

//Wow. i wrote alot more than intended! 8D //


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