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30 Jan 2011 - 02:3949462
Amiga Commodore A600 and 120+ Games
looking to sell this for around £35 including postage.

Joypad - not 100% sure if its for it (will check tomorrow)
Alien shaped Joy stick - not 100% sure working (will check tomorrow)
System discs including work bench, font discs and floppy head cleaner
80+ demo discs
A handful of blank floppy discs
120+ game inc
Street Fighter 2
Orbital Destroyer
Terminator 2
WWF Wrestlemania
Several football manager games
Lemmings 1 & 2
Last Ninja 2
Road Rash 1 & 2

The commodore according to Wikipedia:

Like the A500 before it, the A600 was aimed at the lower "consumer" end of the market,
with the higher end being dominated by the Amiga 3000. It was essentially a redesign of the Amiga 500 Plus,
with the option of an internal hard disk drive. It was intended by manufacturer Commodore International
to revitalize sales of the A500 line before the introduction of the 32-bit Amiga 1200.

Attribute Specification
Processor Motorola 68000 at 7.16 MHz (NTSC) or 7.09 MHz (PAL)

1 MB Amiga Chip RAM; upgradeable by further 1 MB in "trapdoor" expansion slot
Up to 4 MB in PCMCIA slot
ROM 512 kB Kickstart ROM
Chipset Enhanced Chip Set (ECS)

* Video
o 12-bit color palette (4,096 colors)
o Graphic modes from:
+ 320×200 to 320×512i with 32, 64 (EHB mode) or 4,096 (HAM mode) on-screen colors
+ 640×200 to 640×512i with 16 on-screen colors
+ 640×480, 800×600i to 1280×512i with 4 on-screen colors
* Audio (Paula)
o 4 hardware voices / 2 channels (stereo)
o 8-bit resolution, 6-bit volume
o Up to 56 kHz sampling rate (depending on video mode in use)
o 70 dB S/N ratio

Removable storage 3.5" DD floppy disk drive (880 kB capacity)
Internal Storage 20 or 40 MB hard disk drive (A600HD model only)
Input/output ports

Analogue RGB video out (DB23)
Composite video out (RCA)
RF audio/video out (RCA)
Audio out (2 × RCA)
2 × Mouse/Gamepad ports (DE9)
RS-232 serial port (DB25)
Centronics style parallel port (DB25)
Floppy disk drive port (DB23)
44-pin ATA controller (internal)
16-bit Type II PCMCIA slot
Expansion slots 40-pin expansion slot for 1 MB RAM upgrade
Operating system Workbench 2.05 and (Kickstart 2.05)
Physical dimensions 350 × 240 ×75 mm (W × D × H)
Other Built-in 78 key keyboard (without numeric keypad)

Selling simply because I haven't used it in years and its just
been collection dust and I would like to see it go to a collector
who will use and love it.

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