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28 Jan 2011 - 18:1149367
Bloodlust, horror novel...
A fan of horror/dark fantasy novels? Like authors such as Kelley Armstrong, Rachel Vincent and Cassandra Clare? Then buy a copy of Bloodlust today here...



If there's one thing a Werewolf doesn't want to find in their bathtub, it's a zombie... Bloodlust, a dark fantasy novel, tells the story of nineteen-year-old Rebecca Daniels. When she was turned into a Werewolf, she thought her entire life would change for good. That was until she found a zombie in her bathtub, and the entire world was overrun by the un-dead. Not to mention she finds herself falling in love with her Pack Alpha when she already has a Mate; his best friend, Hayner. Rebecca soon finds out that surviving isn’t the hardest thing when those closest to her make ultimate acts of betrayal, and the people she loves just continue to die around her. And then there’s that underground society who are trying to abduct Supernatural’s….oh, and she can’t forget the Fairy who’s convinced she’s some kind of Fallen Angel.

~I walked with you once upon a dream~
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