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27 Jan 2011 - 22:5749330
Kamina Wig
While I have learned alot about sewing and craft while cosplaying, Wigs and hair styling still elude me. I'm having difficulty doing a Wig for my Kamina Cosplay. Specifically im having difficulty doing his massive anime bangs and getting them to form nice defined spikes.

Any tips and guides on how to do them would be appreciated. Also I am pretty sure I choose the wrong base wig to start with so if anyone is able to advice a potential new base wig I would be grateful.

Also I'm willing to commission one if anyone is willing to. PM me If your willing ng, I need it by Kitacon(April 1st) and am willing to pick up and pay for it either then or at MCM Telford in February.

01 Feb 2011 - 13:5449640

Lots of good wigs at good prices on the net, with regards to styling you can get specialist wig hairsprays / hair gels which would be perfect for spiking the hair

Good Luck

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