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15 Aug 2007 - 00:51154
Looking for photos from Amecon 07...
I shall put this thread here for those who have a cosplay that they have worn at Amecon 2007 but can't find any pictures of them.

myself, I have searched high and low for the few pictures of my Rock Howard that were taken at the con. If you have any or have seen any please let me know.

I found myself a little surprised that I was seemingly unrecognised and I worked hard on that damn jacket too! XP

15 Aug 2007 - 05:01156
Ooh me too, i'm looking for a photo of me in my Chris Hero outfit.(Yellow PVC trousers, black sleevless top with 'CH'on it.)
I was expecting any recognition, he's a wrestler after all, but one girl took my photo, I wish I could find it

16 Aug 2007 - 00:48166
Just had a flick through the many photos I took, but I couldn't find any of that description! I feel like I failed. Did you cosplay on the Saturday or the Sunday, because I only took photos on the Sunday cause I myself was cosplaying the day before.

I meet more crazy people than sheer coincidence should allow


16 Aug 2007 - 01:16168
same been through all mine and realised that A i cant take pics worth a damn and B i didnt get any of the imba ones clear enough

16 Aug 2007 - 17:06170
here ya go heero

sorry I'm not good at making links work. if you need a wroking link just go to my LJ. the second post down has all my pics.


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19 Aug 2007 - 15:43208
Quite a few people took pictures of my KH2 Yuna on the sunday, but i've only found one so far. If anybody finds anymore I'd be very grateful! ^_^

20 Aug 2007 - 01:49217
All my photos are up here:


The ones from Ame 2007 are in the folder labled, oddly enough, Ame 2007, the ones in the personal subfolder are of my costumes.

On that note, does anyone have any picures of Kyoko and Boma? They were my masquade piece, black pvc hotpants and thigh high boots for me, wolf head mask for Joe.

04 Sep 2007 - 20:43340
Official Amecon Photo's
The official pictures from the cosplay events are now available online to download. We apologise for the delay in making these available but with so many large picture files to go through it's taken a while and we had to find the best way to get them to you.

please visit the official Amecon Flickr account here: http://flickr.com/groups/amecon, were you can view and download the photo's you want.

If you select the 'all sizes' option from above the picture you will be given a choice of picture sizes to download. in most cases, selecting the Original Picture picture option on the far right gives you access to the Print quality version of the photo, we recomend this option if you want to make high quality photo prints of your picture but be warned that the file sizes range from 4-9MB!


Cosplay Coordinator - MCM Expo
Cosplay Events Officer - Amecon
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