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05 Feb 2011 - 15:4949892
Quote j_mercuryuk:
Yeah that was just...eurgh... I'll sdmit that they weren't exactly rocking the lolita look (it's hard to get it right), but to call their fashion 'wrong' made me roll my eyes.

sorry this got to me, Emma is wearing it fine,she's into sweet ott (like her personality but less ott haha)

I know them both, lovely people, we all agreedon her FB they were rude to her but it alsoproved by the MASS COMMENTS that pod was pretty rude but I watch the series and LOVE it when they tear into those truly badly done up people and they comeout so much prettier in their make under, I agree sometimes they get it wrong (i.e the way they treated them)

anyway in terms of pay, nopayment but they paid for them to come up to Manchester (Y)

04 Mar 2011 - 11:1051636
Eurghhhh I hate that show. Those two people looked so lovely and the robot thingy was so horrible, it made me want to scream. If I was in that position, I'd have raged so hard

And when it said "I made you look normal", I thought "ok, if you think dull and boring is normal then".

16 Mar 2011 - 14:5552463
I found it on youtube and one thing that made me really upset and angry was when it said

"Fashion Style: Wrong"

Bet they wouldn't dare go to Japan and say that.

Letters probably won't faze them, though I really wish they would listen.

Emma looked so adorable when she was in Lolita and horrible "Made-down". As did Rob i think it was? He looks like my brother haha ^^

"Pod" even started on the fact that they were in a relationship! Thats completely out of context!


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16 Mar 2011 - 15:1052466
They made the guy look like a Hardcore band guitarist XD If this was a fascist state and looking diffrent got you unwanted police trouble and this show was called Modern day assassins creed blending tutorial I would probably watch it XD unfortunatly the world isnt like that and I find this show an unconvinving presence...as do I most of BBC 3 XD just put coast on instead I love that show!


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