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24 Jan 2011 - 17:4849021
WANTED: Kanto Gym Badges, Gary Oak cosplay items
Yep, I'm looking to cosplay Gary Oak soon! Therefore I'm looking for gym badges (even though he doesn't have the Kanto ones, I could really do with them), a Pokédex (mine may be in the attic but I'm at university now and I'm scared to go up there anyway XD), a wig, his necklace... I MIGHT have his jumper under control! And possibly an Eevee, although if anybody has one I'll be willing to buy it! Else I'll have to borrow my friend's, haha. Unprepared much?! Oh, and Poké Balls! I was looking at the Burger King ones from yonks ago, the ones that came with the gold plated card. So if anyone's selling one of those, woohoo~

So if anybody has/can make gym badges, a Pokédex, a suitable Gary Oak wig, a necklace and maybe an Eevee, let us know! Thanks

(This is Gary Oak, by the way. And here. I'm cosplaying ~original~ Gary! )

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24 Jan 2011 - 21:3649052
I happened to be looking at Gym badges the other day (just because I want some, not for a cosplay)
I found some good ones on Etsy here. They're really nice but it depends how much you're willing to spend. The same seller has the ones for the Johto region as well. You can get some that are just normal pin badges with a picture of the gym badge, so I guess it's how accurate you want to be.
I've seen a few on ebay too.

I know a friend found a good place to get them but it was a while ago. I shall probably continue my search so shall let you know if I find anything really good

As for the other things, I tend to find ebay is a cosplayers best friend. That and charity shops. You can find pretty much everything you would ever need, so have a look =]

24 Jan 2011 - 23:0349058
Thank you! It just so happens that one of my favourite Pokémon blog (fypblog.com) are apparently developing some Kanto badges of their own so I'll have a gander at what they look like because hopefully they'll be cheaper, haha. It's so weird that they announced it just as I was looking for some though... coincidences ftw! If I don't get theirs though, I'll go for those on etsy because they are gorgeous *___*

I've been living on eBay recently, I almost won a Pokédex earlier but it went for like £15 and I'm a strapped Uni student, lol. I'll see if any charity shops have any though, I didn't even think that as a possibility! It's worth a shot. Might find a good Gary top too :3 And I'm gonna keep my eyes peeled for an Eevee but I may be able to borrow my friend's anyway. Same with the Pokédex but, to be honest I want my own to play around with xD /immature

Thank you for all your help by the way!

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