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22 Apr 2011 - 11:1554592
Nova from Bleach on 1 day not even sure if its a saturday and sunday depends on the Bleach photoshoot thingy magigy !! , Andd i dont even know what im doing for the other day 0_0 im sooo behind im thinking maybe a Ninja of somesort i'v seen some coool camouflage ninjas on ebay but there not from any type of anime but it dont really matter i guess as long as its different

22 Apr 2011 - 13:0654594
this is looking like one epic list of cosplays =D squeee even more excited after reading this (yeah the whole thing =P)

Friday: Megurine Luka - Casual Version - Vocaloid
Saturday: Persacom - original character - Chobits
Sunday: Sylvari - blossom armor (light) - Guildwars2

22 Apr 2011 - 19:2954611
Anyone Cosplaying from FullMetal alchemist or Harvest Moon as i probs cosplaying 2 outfits each for half the day on saturday


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28 Apr 2011 - 23:5654978
Wow, Harvest Moon cosplay!

-is irrationally excited now- xDD

29 Apr 2011 - 15:3855016
First time cosplayer
it's my first time cosplaying and I'm going as honey sempai from ouran high school host club, and puppy joey wheeler ^^ Not sure which days yet, will decide soon. Hope to meet alot of people there and make friends ^^ x

30 Apr 2011 - 01:4855075
Going as John&Dave (Homestuck)
Canada&America (Hetalia)

I'm going to be there the whole weekend, Friday through to Sunday evening. If I see any of you I'll be sure to give you all a hug or high5 if you're not into the whole hug business thing. xD

30 Apr 2011 - 08:3555076
its my first time cosplay too ,im going as belle form beauty and the beast , but with a twist hopefully i will make some friends there , im not sure if i am going on saterday or sunday yet , but i am soooo exited i just know it will be awsome - also wandering what other disney princesses will be there its gonna be fun

30 Apr 2011 - 10:5155081
Sat - Katy Perry (pink diamonds costume)

Sun am - Kodachi Kuno (Ranma 1/2)
Sun pm - Sailor Star Maker (Sailor Moon Stars)

30 Apr 2011 - 11:1055083
Quote Ranma1-2:
Sat - Katy Perry (pink diamonds costume)

Sun am - Kodachi Kuno (Ranma 1/2)
Sun pm - Sailor Star Maker (Sailor Moon Stars)

Katy Perry?! That'll look freakin' awesome. O:

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30 Apr 2011 - 23:1055187
Quote imawesome:

Katy Perry?! That'll look freakin' awesome. O:

I hope so. I couldnt justify the cost of so many Schwarovski crystals, even though that would look sooooo nice. So hopefully 4 bags of sequins will make it sparkly enough.
I got a performance slot confirmed for Sat Masquerade too, so its game on for another Katy-live performance.

30 Apr 2011 - 23:1955188
Well golden age Green Lantern for the friday lantern group!

Saturday if I can find my tailcoat *heres praying to god I can* and get a wig in time I think im doing Sebastian from Black Butler

aaaand Sunday im doing Ranma Satome with Ranma 1/2 *steve* who is doing Kodachi Kuno! for the first part of the day! and if nothing else comes up either one of the rest of the rest of the day ^^

01 May 2011 - 15:4755209
Quote ToroSonyCat:
I'll be cosplaying Azusa from K-On! ^^

Whoop I love K-ON! sooo much hehe! azusa-nyan is sooo awesome, which day are you going? :3

01 May 2011 - 22:1555258
Hey guys ^^

not my first time at Expo, but my first time cosplaying.
Saturday as Lightning from FF13
and Stella Nox Fleuret from FFV13 on the sunday.

was going come as Mew Ichigo from TMM on Friday, but exams have held me back on the costume, so we'll have to wait and see

03 May 2011 - 18:0255385
For me it's finalised as being Zio and Alys from Phantasy Star IV. Alys is already complete and was worn at our April AniMedia East cosplay picnic, and Zio is very close to completion now.

05 May 2011 - 23:3455572
Hey, this will be my second time cosplaying and cant wait!

Not sure what days I'll be doing what but I will be going as:

Con Smith from Killer 7

Pikachu (i know its not exactly unique but wanted 2 costumes and already have it from last time)

add me on PSN (PSN is Sutitchi, just let me know your from cosplay Island)

05 May 2011 - 23:4355574
Quote Sutitchi:
Hey, this will be my second time cosplaying and cant wait!

good lad XD you know it makes sense XD

i am a bat~ dechu
06 May 2011 - 07:5055581
I'm going as Saix from Kingdom Hearts and Slender Man from Marble Hornets. I'm going to be there on Saturday with my sister who's going as Marluxia.

06 May 2011 - 20:0655619
This will be the second time going to MCM Expo, my first beinbg last October.

And I will be going in cosplay for the first time, with a bought version of the male Day Class uniform from Vampire Knight

I will only be able to go on the Saturday however, as my girlfriend wants to go to Collectormania on the Sunday [or whatever it is called].

06 May 2011 - 21:4855625
I will be going as Sheska from FullMetal Alchemist


08 May 2011 - 11:5255832
I'll be going just on sunday as Renji Abarai from Bleach. I have a few friends going too who tell me they will be bleach characters too Looking forward to it

17 May 2011 - 15:3656679
Quote sakara:
Friday - not sure yet..maybe a Weyland Yutani scientist to accompany a xenomorph
Saturday Liara T'soni (Mass Effect - Lair of the Shadow Broker hopefully, or ME2 dress)

Sunday - OC Steampunk lady.

Damn, due to unforseen circumstances i cant make the full weekend of this! Hope to go for a day, but have no idea if i can yet.

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17 May 2011 - 16:1656683
ive changed

Friday - Rapunzel
Friday night - Garnet
saturday am- Yuna ,
Saturday afternoon /parade - Reimi
Sunday- Tifa

"i don't like your plan.....It sucks"

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17 May 2011 - 16:2156685
I will be going as Kirin Curse Seal 2 Uchiha Sasuke from Naruto.
Have been finished for a while now but it will be its first time outside with other coplayers!

Fade away with the thunder
17 May 2011 - 16:4656689
@J-po hope you can still do Moka for the evening meet/shoot XD

i am a bat~ dechu
17 May 2011 - 17:0856698
Wow such an epic list of cosplays!!

I will be Nurse Joy (Pokemon)on Friday, Yoko (Gurren Lagann)on Saturday and Blair (Soul Eater) on Sunday

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