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25 Jan 2011 - 06:3549073
Quote Sephirayne:
I add some info from the point of view as someone who has actually tried to set a fight demo as part of costume piece.

I approached the cosplay organisers for Expo a couple of years back with plans to do a fight scene for the costume comp. I was going to preform a kata/solo piece. I'm a fully qualified Stunt fight arranger for stage and film. and I have about up to 14 different weapons skills under my belt. Even with all that I had to provide a detailed plan of what I was planning to do. I was turned down as the stage wouldn't be suitable for what I had in mind.

What I had in mind sounds very similar to what you have in mind so there is a high chance that you would be turned down.

As Nert says the Expo or any other con location isn't a dojo. So it wouldn't be catered to the martial artist's needs.

I think you best bet would be to set up a video and have it as a costumed video performance.

i would never have thought of sending a demo,the place im thinking of asking is there MCM expo or collectormania glasgow or Auchiawana,
Probily not this year though,

could you tell me about the coman state of the stages you have been on at cosplays,if i have a idea of space or material there made of ill be able to get a ruff plan in my head and work from that

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