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08 Jul 2008 - 17:034476
Am I going blind.....
I can't find the add member as a firend button. I'm alos finding images aren't loading - these are things like the personal pic on your profile, and the symbols for online etc. It might be because I'm runing a new version of Opera, I haven't poked the island too much recently and I think that's when things started to go squewy.

08 Jul 2008 - 19:054478
the friend button is in the top right hand corner of the person's profile. it's the star with the green + sign. ^^

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10 Jul 2008 - 20:534542
Hey, sorry for the delayed response!

I'm afraid that does very much sound like a browser issue (I'm guessing you've tried the CTRL+F5 trick a few times?) We haven't changed anything in the code for a while, so there's no reason why they should have stopped loading.

I would search for any bugs like this for Opera on google, I'm afraid I haven't got that installed to test it on (an ex-housemate used it with voice effects on all the time, now even thinking about it gives me flashbacks XD)

Let me know how you get on with this

09 Sep 2008 - 17:105900
Forgot to say, yes, it was an opera feature. You can turn off picture displays with the click of a not terribly well marked button at the bottom of the page.

All is well again.

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