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17 Jan 2011 - 01:4048444
Flexible & Durable Material Ideas?
Hi All,

Been looking through many of the posts on here and already received some fantastic help by other members

I see many individuals have used many different types of materials that need to be flexible / durable. I have been researching this for some time for my spider-man costume and have stumbled accross something called "urethane" in this forum:


Anyone have any idea's where I could get this or something similar in the UK? I have been googling for the last hour and not turned up anything in the UK

Its to be used to make symbols rather than painting them on, have had disastrous results trying this lol

I know people have mentioned the foam from hobbycraft, Plastazote and gym mat style material but I wonder if anyone has had any experiences with other materials like rubber that need to flexible & durable and be easy to cut out at the same time.

Thanks again fellow cosplayers!


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