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05 Jul 2008 - 11:264414
Pokemon Cosplayers? 8/13 =D

Any Q's after reading/need more references message me ^^

Its really bugged me lately. Ive only ever met Red here... commonly known as Pokemon Trainer in Brawl.

Our Deviantart is http://pokemonspecialuk.deviantart.com/

You can also read the manga here: http://www.onemanga.com/Pokemon_Special

The pokemon cosplays I'm on about is the original bunch from the manga named and appearances are from the games... I'd really love to get a group going for a future expo or something cause I've never really seen many, and most people will commonly know the people as from the anime (Ash, Misty & Brock arent in it... well Misty&Brock are gym leaders xD)

If some people wana do the Kanto gym leaders that's fine :3 But im hunting those Trainers! Here's a list and reference {when clicking name it will appear} in brackets is who has stolen the character xD:

Red: (MikeJenks on DA)
Green-commonly known as Gary Oakes-: {SillyxSora}
Blue: {NavigatorxNami}
Yellow: {xLulux on DA}
Silver: -friend of mine-
Sapphire-commonly known May/Haruka-:
Ruby: {Russ Friend of mine}
Diamond: Anime_Angel
Berlitz-commonly known as Dawn/Hikari-: {Kagen-no-Tsuki on DA}

Recorded butterflies in the twilight. Sneak out the closet~♪

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20 Jul 2008 - 18:144748
New people joined =D <3

Recorded butterflies in the twilight. Sneak out the closet~♪
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