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09 Jan 2011 - 18:2148045
hello all

~~~~~~~this is for wirral and liverpool cosplay~~~~~

Im booking a coach for midlands expo and we have a few seat left over the more people we have on the coach the cheaper it wil be there will be also two pick up point

first in wirral around 7.00
and the second pick up in liverpool lime street station 7.20

and will leave the talford internation centre around 5.15 after the event cloesed

we have a 16 seater already 9 has been filled and 1 as a mayby 4-6 space left.

this is ruffy the prices

12 people will be £25

14 people will be £21

16 people will be £19

we are looking for ruff 14 people to go as this will give us lots of move for cosplay stuff ELC if you intressed comment and will give you me facebook page


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