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07 Jan 2011 - 19:4447950
Wig Storage & Travel
Hi everyone

I have only had one wig before but now I have two...I dont know how to store them...I know you can get wig stands but surely they take up a lot of space if you have many...im not sure though

Also I have only been to one con and that was in my town so I have never had to travel with a wig...but Im going to Kitacon this year and will need to take at least 2 wigs...how is the best way to transport them...also if they are heavily styled, such as Cloud Strife for example...Im not cosplaying Cloud but it was just an example as I am planning people with similar hair ^_^

Please let me know how you guys do it ^_^ would be grateful as I dont want to ruin my wigs...also Im planning a Miku soon so need to know about long wigs too ^_^ thanks


07 Jan 2011 - 20:0647952
It's usually best to store them using display heads or the like, to prevent any kinks etc. appearing. They shouldn't really take up too much room; they can stand on the top of a wardrobe or bookshelf.

For an unstyled wig, it's usually okay to just put it inside a mesh cap (the kind you get them with) to prevent tangling, then put it inside a bag and put it in your suitcase, so long as you take it out straight away and sort of push out the cap so you don't end up with kinks in the hair (and don't squish it between anything either. I took a short, unstyled wig on a 7-hour bus journey this way and it looked the same when I went to put it on as it had when I packed it.
I'm not sure about long wigs though.

As for styled wigs...I'd get a hat box or some other large form of box to transport it in, with the stand/head if you can fit it. If the wig is styled correctly it should pretty much retain its shape anyway with minimal touch-ups needed but it's best to be on the safe side .


07 Jan 2011 - 21:3647956
If ya can't get hold of proper wig stands I find that improvisation always helps. When I had three wigs in the making I had two on me styrofoam heads (which I got from the carboot for really cheap XD) and the third propped on a large bowl that I had place upside own on the corner of me desk. Granted I had to make sure the wig didn't drag the bowl off the desk by edging it further towards the centre the more I added to it but it kept the wig in good shape.

As for transport if you find boxes to be a bit intrusive I'd place the wig in a plastic bag and keep it with me rather than placing it in the suitcase. That way you can make sure no one smooshes your nice wigs ^.^

Hope that helps

09 Jan 2011 - 01:2548023
Long wigs should be stored plaited so they don't have much of a chance to get knots.

I find that if a wig is styled well enough to last throughout the day, just putting it in a wig cap is perfectly fine. If not, a box is always good, if a little bulky to carry around. I've personally never bothered with taking a wig stand, unless I have to style something or I have enough room in the car.

Usually, hotels have lamps that you can rest a wig on until it needs to be used and work as a good improv, wig stand. Just MAKE SURE you don't use the lamp xD We ended up melting one that way...

09 Jan 2011 - 11:2048029
I had to transport my nicely styles Sailor Moon wig which was long. for the pictails I put in hair ties to stop them tangling, then I placed it flatly in a mesh net and then into a bag, then placed it in a padded box so it wouldn't move when transporting my suit case. It stayed the same and didn't get damaged at all.
Box is always the best idea for long wigs, but also good for styled wigs.

09 Jan 2011 - 12:5348032
I flat pack my wigs for storage, and have yet to suffer the dreaded knots/kinks. I put them in the meshing they come with, then in their plastic bags they came and then squuuuuueeeze out the air so they're completely flat. You can also travel with them like this. Make sure when you do take them out that you gently comb through them, either with your fingers or a wide comb, so a wig prop would be ideal for them, or a friend who's willing to lend a helping hand

Of course, this method excludes any heavily styled wigs, like my Cloud one. For storage, I put them on a wig head, for traveling, I put it in a box.

I use the train to get to King's Cross, then cross London to Custom House for Expo goings, and not had any issues with the way I've packed my wigs. Plus, this is how they're usually sent to people.

Ayacon Plans
09 Jan 2011 - 18:0848049
Thanks for all the advice...thanks Ill keep these in mind when I head to Kitacon in a few months ^_^ Im glad I had some really good responses...your great guys ^_^


10 Jan 2011 - 10:5048107
I always flatpack my wigs, I have tons now so it's hard to fit them all into the box I have for wigs LMAO!

I have a few that were styled but I can flatpack them ina way that when they come back out a bit of poofing out and they're back to the way they were

But YES plait a long wig before putting it away, I didn't do this with my longest wig and it's all horribly matted now T___T

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