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05 Jan 2011 - 16:2847779
Painting craft foam to look like leather?
This is more of a theoretical costume than anything right now, but I've decided to be adventurous and maybe try making Eowyn's dernhelm armour from lotr.

Refs: http://www.costumersguide.com/eowyn_dernhelm.shtml

the leather parts are, to me, a bit too intricate and varied for my skills with sewing/painting and I just know if I buy some expensive leather to play around with, I'm just going to end up making a huge mess and wasting money I don't have.

So I've decided on craft foam to get the thickness of the leather, and because it's relatively easy to work with. While I've looked into various ways to give the foam a leather effect, I can only find information from america, using american products, and I haven't really been able to decide which effect is best.

One way suggested was to use mod podge or a similar sealant/varnish, wait until it's tacky, then paint over it with acrylic paints. Another is to just use shoe polish in uneven amounts to give the more "natural" look, and then use a sealant over it, or give the foam a base colour, then use shoe polish to age the leather.

Does anyone have any experience with these methods, or another method that they could share with me? I can find some good tutorials, but there are absolutely no pictures provided so I don't know if that kind of technique would work well in getting the worn look of her armour.

05 Jan 2011 - 17:2747785
You can replicate leather pretty well just using acrylic paints.

My Zidane props commission used foam for the leather belts painted with latex and acrylic.

I just used a basic acrylic brown and yellow ochre dry brushed over the top to make the effect. You can then seal it with clear acrylic spray or isoflex if you want it to be more durable.

06 Jan 2011 - 03:0447847
Oh wow. See, I saw someone use just acrylics by dabbing it on with a sponge, and the whole thing looked really painted to me, but that's just the effect I'm going for. I'm shit at painting anything though, even just normally, so I think a lot of practise will be needed...

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