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04 Jan 2011 - 18:4847715
Looking For --> Yuki Nagato Figma?
Hey y'all, figured it was worth a shot asking here:

Does anyone have/know where I can buy a Yuki Nagato figma figure for a reasonable price?

For some reason they're shot up in price on ebay to around £40+, which seems insane to me, since only a couple of months ago they were closer to £20. Anyone have any idea why?

Thanks :3

04 Jan 2011 - 18:5847716
New or Used?

As for the price increase it's mostly because Figmas are very popular especially one from popular series like Haruhi Suzimiya and Lucky Star.

The £20 ones you saw on eBay could of been either a generous seller or a cheap fake made by Hong Kong sellers to con people and the Figma company out of money.

You need to be careful now with anime merch now. As you can never know if your getting the official or a cheaply made counterfeit. The best way to see this is to check for licensing or check where it's coming from. China and Hong Kong sellers are famous for making good fakes of figures and plushies and many other things. Fakes are usually cheaper then official.

Figmas around and over the price of £40 are usually the real deal.


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05 Jan 2011 - 00:2547728
£40? That seems a bit excessive, I got my Ryoko Asakura Figma for £25, but that was from a shop.

05 Jan 2011 - 00:3847731
Either new or used, so long as its good condition.

I paid around £27 for K-On Azusa when she came out, same for Kagami/Miku from Lucky Star... so I dunno, paying £40 for one seems excessive to me :/ But if thats what it costs then maybe, Im just confused as to the sudden increase.

But yeah, if anyone has one to sell, or knows where to get one, that'd be awesome... Grah so frustrating XD Thanks for the replies so far though :3

05 Jan 2011 - 16:5147774
The price increase could mean it's popular, rare, discontinued or someone's trying to con you out of money.


Anyways, that's the cheapest one on eBay so far. It's £26 with £9 P&P making it a total of £35

However, there's another Yuki figma that comes with her witch costume, guitar and books. That's around over £50.



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05 Jan 2011 - 17:1747778
the reason they are so expensive now is because they are discontinued ie. they don't make them anymore, and because of this it gives sellers an excuse to bump up their prices a bit im afraid =l

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05 Jan 2011 - 17:4947780
I swear by Neon Martian!
It's literally just neonmartian.com they're a uk based figure seller. They always go to expo and steve is a great help if you can't find a figure your looking for.
They did have yuki on there last time I checked but if they don't have her anymore then just message Steve and he should be able to track her down for you at the best price he can find ^_^
Theyre genuine sellers and I've never had a fake from them (and I'm pretty dang fussy when it comes to figures XD)

Good luck trying to track her down. I'd have to agree with other posters advice of be careful of fakes. I rarely by figures off of eBay now a days just purely because so many of the figures on there are fakes.
My advice? If the price seems too good to be true, it's most likely a fake and so its not worth the minute risk if it being genuine.

05 Jan 2011 - 17:5047781
Ah yeah, I found the £35 one too... all the rest seem to be £50 or more, mostly Witch versions but also a couple of the regulars thrown in too. Aaah suckage XD Guess I'll just have to hurt my wallet a bit then. Thanks for the help guys 8D

05 Jan 2011 - 17:5347782
I agree, Neonmartian are fudging amazing!

05 Jan 2011 - 18:1447784
NeonMartian is awesome! 8D But I did already check there... Meh, I ended up getting the £35 ebay one... hoping that wasnt a stupid move... XD

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