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03 Jan 2011 - 01:2347622
England/UK (Hetalia) - short blonde wig help
Been searching on ebay for the last week trying to find a good wig for an Iggy cosplay. Had a search on here as well, lots of different wigs seemed to be used. Mainly looking for a short, layered, a little fluffy, ligh blonde wig (is there a proper name for this sort of wig?). Not looking for a heavy gold blonde wig.

Stuff I've found on ebay that might be fitting, but needing opinions:
- Sweden wig
- Shizuo Wig (Would need cutting)
- Dino wig

Planning to buy in a week or two.
If anyone can help, that'll be great

03 Jan 2011 - 02:1947623










all of these would require some kind of styling xD

03 Jan 2011 - 02:2047625
Also, all three of those wigs you posted are good for England. ^_^

I'm currently stuck trying to find a wig for North Mexico. xD

04 Jan 2011 - 23:3047729
I think the first one (Sweden) is probably the best. Although, think you would probably want to cut a few more layers into it and it's looks a little thin so I'm not sure whether if would look good or not =/
So could go with the second (Shizuo) which would need more cutting, but you should be fine in cutting that
(And I think the 3rd looks too yellow, at least compared to the other two)

05 Jan 2011 - 06:3147747
Yeah I'd agree and say the second one you mentioned is probably the best.

06 Jan 2011 - 23:4947915
I'm a big supporter of the "Sweden" wig by FantasySheep because not only is it a nice color and cut for England, but it's also able to spike on it's own. You can muss it around and it'll stay in a messy/spiky style fairly easily, or so I'm told. My England uses it for cosplaying both Denmark and England alternatively.

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