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31 Dec 2010 - 17:0247379
Most recent posts
Now I've seen this on other forums and I thought it was a brilliant way to keep up to date with all the latest discussions and topics without having to search every board!

What it is, is a list of the most recently added posts by users, at the bottom of the page, I think the one I was on had 15, but the number dosen't count.

Anybody else think this is a good idea?

31 Dec 2010 - 17:0747380
Scroll down the home page it's there.

31 Dec 2010 - 17:0947382
I meant on the forum tab bit I should have made that clear (And by made clear, I mean, I should have mentioned it at all.)

02 Feb 2011 - 18:4649734
Hi there, sorry for the delayed response (I know, I know, it was last year!)

As Ozzie said, we've got the top 5 threads that are posted in on the homepage, and if you're on any user page you can see their most recent posts also.

The was the forum is at the moment, we don't have that many sections that you would generally check regularly - for each one you can see when the last post was, so you can see if it's an active section or not easily.

This is something we can look into though when we do move onto a new forum, as I'm sure the structure will change which might make this suggestion more viable

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