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16 Dec 2010 - 22:4046761
birmingham models wanted
hi guys joker here (jay) just wanna say im interested in adding to my ever growing portfolio and would be interested in taking pics of models in and even out of costume (more aimed for costumes at moment tho )
so if anyone is interested in bein apart of this project reply to this thread and ill reply via this and if need be pm u details of lookin at my past shoots thank you and hope to see some of you guys soon

p.s this will be a free shoot as im still starting up
with the choice of a disc of full pictures available and 3 printed out pics each
so dont be shy get ur free photo shoot with freebies here

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28 Dec 2010 - 17:4547201
can i request for this to be deleted as i cant seem to see how to do it myself
im not gonna offer this shoot until im more trusted in the cosplay community as ive have over 100 veiws and not one reply its ovious they feel dogy so i shall wait until i have a proper portfolio with some of the guys ive met up with and then show u guys my work ok enuff rambling
oh and if anyone sees this before its deleted i am still up for shoots to help me out

28 Dec 2010 - 21:1747206
Dude I applaud the maturity of the decision. I know that makes me sound horribly patronising but your I felt your commented needed commenting on before it was deleted.

I think the "in and out of costume" element was what made it particularly sinister. Lol.

28 Dec 2010 - 21:2747207
lol thank you dude i apreciate the honesty if someone thought it was dogey they should have said but as ive said i shall wait till i get more known in the community
i am actually a genuine decent guy and i love takin pics i have ryaoki if anyone needs to ask him and he shall tell u im a decent guy and i take my hobby v seriously infact he was there when i spent about 600 quid spontanisly for my hobby (even if i did moan a little )

28 Dec 2010 - 22:1947211
Well I imagine you'll get some sets soon. I'm majorly new in the Cosplay scene but there seems to be some well established people. Making the right contacts should facilitate you.

Note I'm not one of those contacts! I swear I was nearly band from My first con before it even started! Lmao. But hey people wish testify that I'm good fun!! Kanpai!

29 Dec 2010 - 01:3647218
I believe Kitacon is on in Birmingham in April, you might want to pop along and offer to do shoots for the cosplayers there, everyone loves a freebie and it's in a friendly (and safe) environment.

You could then give out business cards and offer your services in the future or ask if you can put them on a mailing list or something and if they'd be interested in doing some non-con shoots.

I just walked around Amecon last year with my DSLR and just asked people if they would mind if I got a picture of their costumes and I wasn't told no once and some people were in a major hurry!

So yeah, don't give up!

02 Jan 2011 - 12:1447537
I second kata-san's advice, go to a few Cons, take some great shots (with permission) and post them up for people to see

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