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14 Dec 2010 - 22:4746644
any cosplayers on here live in northumberland?
love to here from any..just getting started been once at mcm london, last year was great..love to do more....but don't have anyone to go with..if any one interested..let me know ok...cheers Steve

09 Oct 2011 - 13:4771952
Not alot as ive found haha
Recently got my costume sorted but ive found the same problem not alot of people round here seem to be into it or if they are i cant find them lol, theres sometimes events here in alnwick but theyve only done one cosplay event at the gardens but most are war related so not my scene, need to get to the anime expo next year tho,other than that im a cosplayer in northumberland so theres at least one out there lol

Anime lover.
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