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14 Dec 2010 - 20:4746635
Plush...maker? needed.
I'm looking for someone who can make an accurate plush of Tsuchiya Kouta's Shokanjuu.

Previous experience is a must and would help to see some previous work. This is basically going to go with my Kouta cosplay next time I wear it.

Thanks in advance.

14 Dec 2010 - 21:0746636
I'm not sure if she takes commissions, but I would maybe speak to Taruto. She made a Miltank plushie for her Whitney cosplay and it looked like something that you would buy from the official Nintendo store! Unfortunately she doesn't have any pics of it up on her CosplayIsland but you can see her profile here:


Good luck

03 Jan 2011 - 07:3047634
If Yuka's suggestion isn't avalible I have a friend who does really fab plushies. You can find her on deviantart.


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