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17 Dec 2010 - 16:3246808
Quote nukunuku:
Never seen it advetised anywhere, where about is it, pls...I am really new at this, like i said i have been into anime for decades now, me more old school, but i have only cosplayed once, i loved it, so love to do more in furture...but me shy, doing it on my own..heheh...i went with my daughter.

It's in Birmingham 1st-3rd of April. I'm quite new to everything too so I know exactly how you feel that's why i've come on here to start chatting to people before going to events =]

26 Dec 2010 - 13:1747143
Hey Soph! Thanks for posting on my thread

*glomps you* its so cool to meet people who're into cosplay D I already love you now ^_^

anyway, you been in Brummyland long or have you lived here for years? I recently moved here for uni

ooo which ff do you like? my favs are 7,8 and 9 have you played Kingdom Hearts? if not we MUST get you to play it ^_^ I shall kidnap you and we shall play it together (its my fav game in the world)

SPIRITED AWAY!!! i wanna cosplay Haku!! *_*

aaahhh sorry for goin on and on and on

me and my friends are thinking of startin a anime/manga society at my uni (seeing as there isnt one currently)

I'm trying to get information about that regular meet as well cos i really wanna meet people!! TT__TT

28 Dec 2010 - 22:1147209
Quote sophmeister:
Hey everyone!
I'm Soph, and i'm from Birmingham!
I've just joined this site with the intention of meeting new people from/near Birmingham to hopefully meet up with and go to cosplay and anime conventions with. Not many of my current friends seem to understand my love of anime and manga so it would be great to meet people that share a passion for these things.

I have watched anime since I was a kid, and have always been a complete gaming geek.

Favourite animes


Favourite games

Final Fantasy
Resident Evil
Devil May Cry

Favourite films
Ghost In The Shell
Vampire Hunter
Anything directed by Hayao Miyazaki such as:
Spirited Away
Howl's moving castle
Princess Mononoke
Kiki's Delivery Service
My Neighbour Totoro

Favourite characters


So that's a little bit about me, hoping to get some replies and looking forward to meeting new people in the community =]

Hey Soph
I'm from Birmingham too! Welcome to Cosplay Island by the way That's so awesome that you love Naruto!I love it too and Bleach and Pokemon (I use to watch Pokemon when i was younger)
Who is your favourite Naruto character?
Have you ever read/watched D.Gray-Man, Death Note or Vampire Knight?
Resident Evil and Final Fantasy are cool! (They are my two favourite games, but i do love Final Fantasy more!)
Who is your favourite Final Fantasy XIII Character?
sorry for all the questions, i have asked you

Lavi: "Why did you hit me?"
Bookman: "I didn't hit you, I kicked you" xD
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