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11 Dec 2010 - 21:2446488
Leaders of Azaroth (World of Warcraft)
I am planning to cosplay King Varian Wrynn from World of Warcraft and was hoping to creat a group of the leaders of each city (or just any WoW character would be nice XD)

If anyone wants to join I think it will be aimed at October MCM Expo (but may change as of yet)

King Varian Wrynn - Marauchettes
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner - Argent/Kaedian

p.s. If someone does Garrosh or Thrall they earn instant man points XD

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11 Dec 2010 - 23:5846503
well, im probably not gonna have it done for october, probly more likely next may, but im doing Deathwing in his human form? :3

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12 Dec 2010 - 05:3446515
I really want to do Ysera at some point,but I don't know about a date though >.<

12 Dec 2010 - 10:1846518
Well the date can be set by a majority vote at some point so we will see when it comes to it =)

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