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11 Dec 2010 - 01:1946447
Ashe Mourning Dress(ffxii) .|. help please ^^;
Hi! I need help with this cosplay...but don't know how to use links...(when it comes to computers I know nothing.Literally! -_-;But if you google it it should show a front and back image of a beautiful black dress.- oh, and this is final fantasy,people, so it won't be easy...Anyway, the concept art shows black and gray fabric, but some cosplayers use only black fabric. Should I do that as well? Plus there's this semiclear fabric that hangs from the shirt. Anybody know what type of fabric I could use?thnx

11 Dec 2010 - 01:2246448
Oh! And the veil! I've never made a veil before, so I could use some help. Thanks again!^o^

11 Dec 2010 - 03:2346451
For the veile use either chiffon or organza, both are semi transluscent but the organza is slightly stiffer so may hold the cascading shape better. The veil isn't that hard, just cutting an 8 shape would do where the top half of the 8 would be smaller for the head area, the bottom of the 8 representing how it gets bigger at the back. Trim with a black lace.

For the light grey underskirt anything from cotton jersey to klona cotton would do fine. For the floor length outer, dark grey skirt, klona cotton or gabardine would work. Something with a bit of weight to it. To achieve the inner cascade of colour you could line it with a pink lining and then paint on some purple with fabric paint if that's the effect you wanted. For the white deisgns on the skirt, depending on what you're comfortable with the most basic method would be to paint it on. Next up from that would be taking a craft knife to a non-freying fabric and top stiching or if really advanced applique-ing around the edges. Failing those you could resort to glueing the motif on.

For the white and blue stripes either bias binding or ribbon would do. Bias tends not to bunch up while stitching as ribbon can sometimes do.

Something like a cotton jersey or peachskin or something soft with a little bit of weight and drape to it would be good for the sleeves. A mixture of cotton jersey and klona cotton could be used to put the top together.

A combination of beads, fimo, craft foam and tastles could be used to put together her jewelry and oranments.


Dunno if that helps XD


14 Dec 2010 - 12:5946621
When choosing colours think about what you're trying to achieve. If you want accuracy, go with the art and forget about how other people do it. If you want to look good in photos, think about the event you'll be going to and what environment and lighting you might get there.

If I were you I would use black and grey, because layers of black can blend together so when the light is bad all the details you have might be lost in the blackness. It also becomes harder to see the texture of the fabric you've chosen. And black is also harder to photograph well.

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