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28 Jun 2008 - 17:214097
Code Geass Zero helmet help
I am planning to do a zero cosplay for next year, and have figured out everything for the costume, execept for one thing. I can't for the life of me figure out what to use for the visor of the helmet, so anyone got any ideas of what I could use to make the visor?

11 Jul 2008 - 17:014578
Wow, what a difficult one! A Zero cosplayer that I saw used some sort of weird and whacked out glass thing that he could see out of, but others couldn't see in. If you tried to look in, you'd see a curved blue reflection of yourself, like looking in the back a spoon.

I can only think of molded semi-transparent blue plastic so that it has a curve like in Zero's helmet, and hot glue it into the helmet.

You've done Aaroniero, you can pull off Zero!

Katsu no wa Hyotei~♥
23 Jul 2008 - 16:034789
i think i found the site for the visor piece if u need it but i need help on my zero costume also

24 Jul 2008 - 08:314811
well we can help each other out with the cosplay then if you want

25 Jul 2008 - 00:284834
ok.so wat did u use to make the helmet?i need help anyways i'm new at cosplay.

25 Jul 2008 - 09:074836
Ooh you both saved me from starting this thread, I really want to make Zero's helmet too, though no idea where to start :S
The only thing I can think of is chickenwire for the base! Heh ^^;;

25 Jul 2008 - 16:584846
thats where my problem is i don't know where to start but the is chicken wire but i'm new at cosplay so i don't know how to start the frame

25 Jul 2008 - 17:374849
i got a list from this on how he made his helmet here's the list.

Material used:
Base wireframe made from steamwire.
layer of figerglass coat.
shape with bondo/paperclay.
Visor is vacumn formed with dark blue 2424 clear acrylic

25 Jul 2008 - 19:324856
do you think a quart of fiberglass paint would work

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