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30 Nov 2010 - 18:3045911
Summoner Yuna Obi HELP

I'm starting to look around for simple tutorials for Yuna's obi and double bow part but the one I found just confused me even more and was like o_0 *tugs hair out*

So I was wondering if anyone could help me by either giving me a step by step on how to make it OR heading me in the right direction to a as simple as possible tutorial on how to do it without loads of fiddly folding and stuff??

So does anyone have any ideas?

Also, could someone give me some ideas for fabrics that are as cheap as possible that I could make it with (without it going all floppy)? I don't want it shiny though, thats my big thing. It's for Kitacon3 so I have a little while, but knowing that I have 2 other work intensive costumes to do for may expo, I want to get some kind of head way with it soon-ish.


01 Dec 2010 - 11:5745931
Youtube has some tutorials based on it if you haven't seen them already. If your familiar with sewing patterns then Simplictys pattern 4080 Comes with the design for a traditional looking Obi that could be used as a base for Yunas but would obviously need alot of modification to get the details right.

As for fabric in the youtube video she says she used 100% pure cotton but it looked like it was reinforced with interfacing then lined to get stiffness.

Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zB-ZfJ0YBEo

Pattern link: http://www.simplicitynewlook.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4_5_97&products_id=13063#

01 Dec 2010 - 13:0745934
Thanks but I just looked at it and I'm WAY out of league with that. Even my mom got confused to no end with it! That's the most complicated tutorial I've ever seen for it.

Only thing that got made simple for me was the sleeves on that. But the obi and bow are a huge no no.

Anyone else got any help?? Because the way I'm going I'm going to have to commission someone to do it, but I'm fearing the cost of it.


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01 Dec 2010 - 14:5745938
When I made my Yuna costume, I didn’t want to make anything like a real obi which I would need to tie each time, which is a lot of hassle and I’d never get the patterns to end up in the right places each time, so I think I picked a simpler method.

Firstly, I think you could use any fabric so long as you use heavy interfacing, or do what I did and put craft foam inside! I’d suggest polycotton for something cheap, matte and it’ll certainly be available in yellow.

Basically, I made a belt section – just a lined rectangle which goes round my waist and fastens at the back with velcro. You could have it fasten however you like though – separating zip, hooks and eyes etc. I shoved craft foam inside to stiffen it, interfacing would also be fine.

Then I made a bow which attaches to the belt. The bow is made up of 4 lined shapes, then a rectangle sewn into a loop. All the pieces have foam inside for support – interfacing and/or wire would also work here.

To put it on, I just loop the bow on to the belt, fasten it round my waist, then shift the bow along to hide the fastening. You could attach the bow to the belt however you like – strong velcro for example, but I thought making a loop to go right round the belt would be most secure.

Let me know if that sounds like the sort of thing you want to try, I can give more details and get some photos of my obi when it’s not being worn which might explain it better.

01 Dec 2010 - 19:3545950
If you could give me some photos to show your explanation better that would be a great help!


01 Dec 2010 - 21:3645957
I've sent you a PM

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