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17 Nov 2010 - 17:0445211
DS- maid Tsuruya costume, Rosen Maiden ring, Eva box set/Ebay-FF12 ultimania. FF7 shinra badge
With my cosplay hitaus for uni, I'm selling off a few bits.

I can take paypal only.
I will not do deals for the ebay things on here.
I will try to ship out within 7 days of receving payment.
If you are interested or have questions, PM me (I'm able to answer PMs quicker as I'm rarely on).
If more than one person is interested, prioraty goes to the first who can pay.

Maid Tsuruya Costume.
Both are made from 100% cotton, white and a purple/bluse colour. The dress has a zip back with ribbon detail on the front, the apron is fully removable with buttons and backtie. It has a small petticoat and headband as well.
The whole thing can be machine washed. Its an old piece, not overly spectacular and could probably be improved, but is very in its current state werable and has survived several cons and washings.
Would probably fit someone 8-10, but is not stretchy at all and the top of the dress is quite small on top as I don't exacticaly have any cleaveage. I am also quite short (around 4'11/5' ), this costume comes just abobve my knees.
It hasn't been worn for about a year (I will iron it before its shipped.
I'm thinking £28 including shipping within the UK.




Rosen Maiden Ring.
Was bought for a costume that fell through and is too big for me.
In excelent condition. £3 including shipping.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum Complete.
Complete series DVDs, all disks are in excelent condition
£13 including shipping.


Final Fantasy 12 Ultimania Omega game guide

Final Fantasy 7 advent children Shinra company badge

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26 Nov 2010 - 15:3545754
Wigs gone.

Bump for new ebay items and little price drop.

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