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22 Jun 2008 - 22:103900
Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders
ok this is something i've only just thought of but I was just wanted to see if there would be any interest to make a group for some point next year for abit of a laugh or a giggle though the temptation of making one of the dresses for amecon ball is getting higher

i would like to go as Tamara :x (the green one)

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22 Jun 2008 - 23:123904
Slightly offtopic, but I think I used to have two of the horses. o_O Damnit, I wish I had all my old toys. *big kid*

23 Jun 2008 - 08:503908
I have never ever herd of this cartoon? it looks really 80s ^^'''

Oki Doki Loki~
23 Jun 2008 - 10:403912
lol it was a 90's cartoon and it was called Starla and the jewel riders over here and if i remember right it used to be on GMTV?

lol me and my best mate rachel had all the toys >.<

23 Jun 2008 - 11:033914
I saw your planned costume before and started squeeing because I used to worship that show XD I'd never get a costume finished though D:

... I still probably have all my figures somewhere XD

23 Jun 2008 - 16:383922
ah! GMTV! thats why i have never herd of it XD I have only starting watching that show for about a year now.

Oki Doki Loki~
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