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10 Nov 2010 - 20:2444706
Christmas Play Backdrop... -.-'
Heya guys.
I volunteered to help do the set for our Year 11 play, (Rawr! I wanted to do the costume design! Though I suppose leading the Arts part is good enough for me...) and I have a basic idea of what I need, but am unsure how to do it...

So, pictures enclosed here: Inside, Outside - Basic Gist of the Idea
are what we've got in mind. They need to be fairly easy to change around, so preferably light and portable. We have a stage (yay!) so we have curtains we can affix them to... Sort of.

If we were to do the curtains idea, I'd be thankful(I'd be thankful anyway buuuut...) if you guys could help with where I might be able to buy material large enough and what paint I should use for it...
Or if it would be easier(and cheaper!) just to use different lighting and to have interchangeable props.

I thank you all for any possible help, and please, I'd prefer help fairly quickly as my Boss(named so for her employer-like tendencies) wants my research done before the end of Friday, and I've only started today. (And no, I wasn't being lazy, I only learned that I had a deadline today...)

Thanks y'all! And for those who had the patience to read all that, I congratulate you!

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10 Nov 2010 - 20:4944709
I would use props and lighting personally. I guess you'd need a christmas tree, a style of window and some presents for the inside. If you make the window frame 3D you could turn it around to show the "outside" when there are scene changes.

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