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09 Nov 2010 - 21:4844625
For Sale: Lisa Basil and Lamiroir Costumes (Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney)
Hi guys, times are hard an' all that, so I've decided to sell some of my costumes.

Up for sale:

Lisa Basil - £70

Making of information here along with costings and photos

As you can read in that link, this costume was quite expensive to make. Not including the electronics it came to nearly £80. So I would like £70 + postage for it - and that includes the whole lot; wig, shoes (size 6), jacket, skirt, tie, UMD etc. It's not really the kind of costume you can buy off Ebay, you'd have to commission it, and looking at the costs on various commission sites you'd probably find it costing you a lot more than this. It's only been worn three times so it's in very good condition. Buttons etc can be removed for washing if required.

In terms of sizing, it's a Size 8 on top and 10 on the bottom, but as it's lycra there's a bit of stretch. I also made the bust a little bigger (I had to wear a padded bra to make it fit) so you don't have to be a no-boobs to get into it XD If you want any more info, just send me a message.

Lamiroir -£40

(Yes I put the veil on back to front, shhhhh XD)

More pics here

This one is a size 6-8 on top and a 10 for the skirt. This is one of my earlier costumes and therefore the quality isn't as high as that of Lisa, but it got good reception at the conventions that I wore it to. The cloak is painted with acrylic and therefore isn't washable, but the rest of it is. It's all made out of polycotton so it's light and easy to wear, but you should give it an iron before you put it on. It includes cloak, brooch, dress, top, wig (it's just a set of extensions with the hair cuffs on, that I hooked through my ponytail) and shoes (size 6). No bracelets - didn't quite get around to making those XD I'd be wanting in the region of £40 + postage for this - make me an offer!

Also Wendy Oldbag will be going up for sale once I rescue her from lost property at the railway station in London XD

If you're interested, post here with your postcode so I can calculate postage, then I can give you a price and we can sort out payment by Paypal or cheque ^^

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