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20 Jun 2008 - 10:193768
Urgh, I don't know if I REALLY belong here, but...

I live in Holland, but I've been cosplaying in England for two times now, and October is coming up! ^_^

I'm female, 20 years old, 1,89 m long (XD) and I love to cosplay (duh, why ELSE would I be here!?) I cosplay and crossplay game and anime alike, but I'm a huge Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts fan. (Though, that doesn't really mean I only cosplay from that series!)

If you have any questions please ask, and when people believe I don't really belong here, please say so... I'll keep it to friendly lurking then! ^_^

20 Jun 2008 - 10:463769
Welcome! as long as you like cosplay you'll be fine here!

*Hugs* from another tall girly cosplayer!

There is always room for cake
20 Jun 2008 - 11:123772
Osu! Welcome to the island! ^^
i love KH too! ^^ Roxas and Axel are the best! ^^
hope people treat you well here. XD they always do! anyone who likes cosplay belongs here! it's our one common interest! ^^

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