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06 Nov 2010 - 23:3744322
Shangri-La Cosplay?
New account Post I know, and I'm jumping the ball by not posting in general first to see if people are even aware of this anime (It came out in 2009 so its modern!)

Does anyone here have any ineterest in Shangrila cosplay? I was thinking of a group cosplay with the Atlas President at her harem.

06 Nov 2010 - 23:4144324
I'm big and manly enough to pull off Momoko but I still think a guy is better suited for that part, and I already have quite a lot of plans for 2011..

But I cannot stress how much I want to see this, as it's a brilliant anime/manga!

07 Nov 2010 - 03:2144334
Omg you're the first person Ive metv(um cyber-met??) who has seen this anime! I've been to so many conventions practically preaching this anime to people that if they were to come on this forum and see this thread they would immediatly know its me!

But yeah I have a buddy whobI believe would be willing to pull off a Momoko + Miiko duo crossplay.

08 Nov 2010 - 10:1944448
I'm not one of those persons you've preached this anime too, but.. I have seen it, completely and was well amazed, it's nothing like any other anime I've ever seen!

Will look forward to seeing this a lot then!

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