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07 Nov 2010 - 11:5944349
Quote NightmareWings:
Lulu Rose don't you tell me to grow up. At least I can make sure a commission is done on time and not ruin something fir someone. So you need to grow up.

I'm over this thread so yeah just all of you go flame someone else. To everyone who was nice thankyou for understanding.

Okay you want to impose something draconian on society at large, stating some reasons. I have less issue with this than your behaviour following it.

If you declare an opinion and ask for other peoples opinions, that's something called a "debate", a part (and infact a key cornerstone) of rational functioning society.

It is NOT a flame to have someone disagree with you - it's called life.

It is however ridiculously childish to bring in completely unrelated topics and declare that someone putting their life above a commission service while offering multiple reasonable options due to unforseen circumstances "needs to grow up" then you have serious issues with whats important in life.

If you over-react (which you have done, grossly by going on a personal attack on someone) that people DARE to disagree with your opinion stating their reasonings why, do you not see why people are saying you're immature and need to grow up?

If you want people to be pleasant to you - be pleasant to them. If you're going to be petulant and act like a child over a difference in opinions people will treat you like a child because you're acting like one.

07 Nov 2010 - 14:1544369
Quote NightmareWings:
Just delete this thread, I obviously cant have an opinion on this site anymore. I cant be bothered anymore. Dont expect to see me post anymore.

I hope you lot are happy.

no one says you cant have an opinion! this is the internet, its where free speech reins supreme! and if you actually read what people said, then evryone was at least in part agreeing with you!
i dont think anyone here likes to see animals suffering, were not monsters. ive not seen one post here that goes against what you said. the only thing we said, is that it would be an extreme reaction to go to such lengths, as there are already very effective ways of protecting your pets from the effects, either through comfort in a dark, quiet place, blocking out the noise by other noises, or using chemical teatments such as DAPs.
you know its coming every year, so this gives you ample time to prepair to make the experience less stressful on your pet. there are adverts on TV about it, in the local papers, in the petshops, online...

so no, no one was against you, we simply explained how the problem could be overcome without resorting to the loss of peoples freedom to celebrate at this time of year. you then go on to insult and flame the people that did this? thats pretty low. you really need to learn that people may not always think exactly the same as you, and its often best to not insult people needlessly when they offer a slightly different take on a situation, otherwise you end up creating a reputation for yourself.... but i guess its too late now

Disasters road has been walked by better men

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07 Nov 2010 - 14:1744370
Quote NightmareWings:
Lulu Rose don't you tell me to grow up. At least I can make sure a commission is done on time and not ruin something fir someone. So you need to grow up.

I'm over this thread so yeah just all of you go flame someone else. To everyone who was nice thankyou for understanding.

Christ that escalated fast while I was away.

Does that really make you feel good, what you just said? Do you think that was really beneficial to this thread? Or your case? Also changing your original post with the reason for edit as "People taking the piss" is just unnecessary.

Got to agree with Mungojerrie, Lulu Rose and Junta.

You're only digging your grave deeper by acting this way and it's become very clear that you're just a spoiled little girl who isn't used to people saying "no". I'm sorry if that sounds harsh but you get what you give in this world and quite frankly you have given out nothing but negativity.

There's a life lesson for you right there, good luck in the real world.

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07 Nov 2010 - 14:4344371
Wow, seriously? There was no need for the personal attack on Lulu Rose, NightmareWings. This isn't flaming; it's a debate. You asked for a debate by saying "What does everyone else think?" in your original post. We are not "taking the piss", we are merely replying to your post. What's the point in having a hissy fit because some people's opinions are different from yours? You say that you're "not allowed an opinion" but if we disagree with you, does that mean we're not allowed our own opinions either?

I'd write more but to be honest, I'd only be repeating what everyone else has said. Instead, I'll post ON TOPIC.

My boyfriend has two ten-week-old kittens who don't like loud noises, and one of them is extremely skittish. However, the house next to my boyfriend's has had building work going on since about a week before fireworks night, so they've had some time to get used to loud bangs and things. We just let them sleep wherever they feel safe (which is currently under the bed, although they do have their own fleecy pet bed), give them cuddles when they want them and play with them, and they're totally fine.

As other people have mentioned, there has been plenty of warnings and advertisements about preparing your pets for fireworks night. Just because your pet doesn't like fireworks doesn't mean we should ban them! You have to remember that some people might not live near a park or anything like that, so taking them away from residential areas would be unfair - for example, we have fireworks in our back garden every year, and we've only ever had one problem with a local pet who ran away from home and turned up on our front garden, but she was returned to her owner safely the very same day.

So yeah; I love animals, but don't spoil everyone's fun just because some animals don't like fireworks. You have to remember some HUMANS don't like them too, but that's not gonna stop fireworks being set off, is it?

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07 Nov 2010 - 14:4644372
I'm not spoilt in anyway I work hard for what I have so I know what the real world is thankyou very much. What I said shouldn't have been said and I'm sorry that I said it. But when someone is angry stuff just comes out.

This is why I haven't posted on this thread for a while. I was hoping everyone would drop it and let it die but you guys didnt.

So now this is the end of this thread. Let it die and go about your lives like I am doing.

07 Nov 2010 - 15:3344375
Woah...the only one I see causing issues in this thread is you NightmareWings. No-one else personally attacked you in any way, they attacked your argument, which is what a debate is all about.

Of course you're allowed to have an opinion. Are you allowed to make everyone else agree with that opinion? NO. Are you allowed to attack anyone else based solely on a disagreement? NO! This is an official warning, reasons why will be spoken about in PMs but among other things, this is not the first time you have caused these kinds of issues.

As for fireworks my personal belief is that they should be restrained to public displays rather than private ones. But banning them will do nothing other than mean cheaply-made, more dangerous fireworks are available for people to buy behind the scenes...as is the case with anything that ends up banned.

My cousin recently had a firework thrown through her door while she was holding her baby. They rang the doorbell so that she would go to the door. Luckily, she was delayed and the firework exploded before she got there.

Her reaction? Outrage AT THE PEOPLE WHO DID IT, not at the fireworks themselves.

At any rate, I think I ended up locking this EXACT same thread last year...can't remember. But I know for sure it went on in a much more constructive way for a lot longer last time with people actually offering solutions rather than simply attacking each other.


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