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20 Jun 2008 - 09:533764
Morning All
Hi All,

just popped in to say hello, I'm Darren but everyone either calls me D or if I'm online I am always down as McIcy (games and forums ).

Only been cosplaying for a year, so far I have dressed as:
Bass - DOA - Minami Con '06
Shunsui Kyōraku - Bleach - Minami Con '07

At the moment I am planning on cosplaying as Asuma Sarutobi at Amecon this year, I have the basics of the outfit, and am currently making the patches to sew onto his clothes, although I am having a lot of problems with his knives.

Hoping to chat more to you all, my work is boring so spend way to much time online and most of it in forums.


Here is my resolve,
This time, I will cut you,
If I'm dodging, I won't let you cut me
If I'm protecting someone, I won't let her die
If I'm attacking, I will cut you
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