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02 Nov 2010 - 11:4643979
Tundra-Lei's Selling spree
Today I'm selling:

My families Juwel 180 Aquarium
with matching light oak cabinet.Various extras included. Lights brand new, only needs new external filter.
Asking £250 Pickup only Birchwood Lincoln area.

Lifesaver bottle 4000UF model, complete double boxed.
Its a bottle and a pump action filter in one.
Its for taking somewhere on holiday or hiking where you can use any water source even dirty or undrinkable and pump in into clean drinkable water. asking £80 pp inc.

Futura Hair Straighteners.
Boxed and complete in Great condition.Asking £25 pp inc.

Pokemon Stadium 1 n64 game cart with 2 transfer paks.The transfer paks are used with the gameboy carts of Red Blue and Yellow versions. Classic N64 Game. Unboxed but excellent conditon.
Asking £15 + pp inc.

my Psp Final Fantasy crisis core edition along with sealed instructions, black zip case, 3 UMD cases, a UMD cleaner + fluid, a usb
cable, and compact official charger. Plus 8GB memory stick. Asking £65 pp inc.

All Pictures are on my Facebook page:

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