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01 Nov 2010 - 18:2643923
So how do you guys decide on who to cosplay next?
Just a thought....as well i never can! i start loads then never finish them >.> So how do you all determine who will be your definate next cosplay for a convention? usually i just either coin toss or close my eyes and point xD

01 Nov 2010 - 18:4943924
Good question XD I wish I remembered how I'd decided on who I want to be now, but I think it's just down to me being a total nerd and wanting to plan ahead so I'm all organised. Then I get ridiculously pumped up for them to happen, get extremely frustrated making them and wish I'd never planned them in the first place, and try my absolute hardest not to get sucked into any new fandoms XD

Really for me it's just all down to picking a character that I like and I think I'd suit (and occasionally one that no-one else or very little people do, because it's nice not to be one of thousands of the same person) and then finding a time slot to do them in. And then trying to keep to that. 8D;

01 Nov 2010 - 19:5643933
well usually i pick my next cosplays according to my friends and groups n stuff as i find it so much mroe fun to cosplay with people then just on your own.... other then that it usually ends up being whatever i'm most obsessed with atm...

01 Nov 2010 - 20:0143934
Well I have no problem in deciding which characters I want to cosplay as since I usually go by my favourite characters ( unless I think it's a character which I wouldn't really suit ). As for when I cosplay each one I try to plan them according to when certain groups are going to be so that I can join in with group photoshoots or if my friend wants to cosplay from the same series with me.


01 Nov 2010 - 20:0343935
I keep a list of characters I want to do and then pair them up with events as they come along, depending on the theme of the event and how much time/money I have. Doesn't always work mind (note how many costumes I have "in progress" on my profile)!

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01 Nov 2010 - 20:1643936
I normally try to think of which characters I enjoy doing the most and then try to decide which outfit to do. I do have a habit of changing my mind ALOT though haha.

Although, for this expo the time of the year helped alot to decide the costumes to do. XD!

But I normally decide to do a costume that I would feel happy in, not whether they would be recognisable or not.


01 Nov 2010 - 20:3643937
I generally go with groups or with my GF so we generally complement eachother with our cosplays ^_^

01 Nov 2010 - 21:0243940
Depends XD I have usually decided well in advanced, although I can change my mind.

I know what I'm doing for May Expo since I set up a group for it quite awhile ago ^^;

01 Nov 2010 - 21:2543942
Depends on what i have been playing/watching and what friends are doing ^^.


01 Nov 2010 - 21:3143943
If I'm stuck for ideas I look at my 'i'm watching this anime at the moment and love this character so I'll put it on C.I for now' List and usually find something. That or I ask close friends what they're doing and see if we can arrange a group.

If it's for expo I'm usually sorted as me and my bf generally go as a pair from the same anime/game

There's usually at least one pairing in every game and anime that I love so we'll always be sorted for characters in that respect, as long as we feel that we can pull the character off and that I feel that I'll be able to make them

But what I'd suggest is to make a cosplay book or have a list of any characters that you really like, it really helps in helping to make decisions, that's why I love C.I as it does give me a place to store my lists XD *loves making lists* and if you think 'bah i cba with this character anymore' you can just delete it and it goes away ^_^

01 Nov 2010 - 22:1943946
Its a case of eenie-meenie-miney-mo XD

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01 Nov 2010 - 22:4943953
I have a super long list of to-do cosplays that goes far beyond my current planned list. I normally pick which cosplays to do based on the location (which would be perfect for shoots!), atmosphere (I don't want a super delicate cosplay in a casual environment nor super crowded), etc. The convention itself helps with my decision as well, e.g. for Kitacon I'm more lenient in picking popular series in contrast to Minamicon where I'm more lenient to cosplaying the more obscure characters. My reasoning for this is because I'm more likely to get groups for obscure series at Minami than I am at Kita!

And of course I base it on which groups are happening or what groups I'm organizing/a part of already.

I often dump LOADS of cosplays into one con then nearing the time when I'm going to buy fabrics etc I'll choose which ones to do for definite and the majority of the time I do stick to those plans unless something goes horribly wrong xD

01 Nov 2010 - 23:4943962
Lately it's been groups I'm planning on being in, which I have two of for May already so May's been sorted out pretty quickly xD
But before groups, it's usually just whatever I feel like. Not too sure myself to be honest! But I do have lists~

02 Nov 2010 - 01:1143965
fall in love with charecters then figure out if i can do that. i oftern come across ones i want to but can't. example i really want to do butters from south park but i am totaly the wrong physical person for him. still if i find something that suits me and i really care for that charecter it becomes a cosplay.

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02 Nov 2010 - 09:5443971
I typically join a group which my friends are doing. Though there are some random ones (like Darunia, and me planning on doing a save crystal) that I'll just do cause I wanna.

I don't always keep to my plan so...

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02 Nov 2010 - 10:3943975
I have a list of characters I'd like to cosplay on my computer I usually just pick a few which interest me the most at the time, print some references and have a shop around to see what fabrics and materials I can find

Unfortunately I usually see something in the fabric shop I go to and think "Ooh! That'd be good for <insertcharacterhere>" and have far too many cosplays in progress all the time D:

02 Nov 2010 - 10:4943976
Some of my best friends this expo expressed some extremeley kind opinions about me and how i am... and because of that i decided to choose Goku because its a character that we all love and im gonna try to do it greatly

03 Nov 2010 - 14:0044058
Generally I have a fair idea in advance of who I'm going to do other times I allow myself to be 'told' by my friends ^^;

Saying that... I change my mind quite a lot >.<


03 Nov 2010 - 14:2644063
Pretty spontaneously.. usually it's 'ooh, I'll try make that'

I do take a lot of things into consideration though, cost mainly, but also how easy it'll be, how close a con is, etc. Auchi's 3 weeks away and yesterday I decided to make another costume for it, lol.

Choice though it's mainly what's appealing and what I'm into at the time, I guess.

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03 Nov 2010 - 18:5444084
I usually pick something from my insanely long 'to do' list, keeping in mind what convention it is (I wouldn't wear a delicate/expensive costume to the MCM), when it is, and whether my friends are planning something from that series. If I can't decide between two or more, I write down a pros and cons list for each costume, like this:

Costume 1 ... Costume 2
Easy to move in ... Easy to move in
Warm to wear ... Cool to wear
Time consuming to make ... Quick to make
Cheap materials ... expensive materials

I put in everything I can think of to do with what it's going to be like to wear the costume, safety hazards, practicality and which parts of the design I like. Then I add up how many pros each costume have, and make a decision on that ^^ Usually when I'm writing out this list I can see a clear winner, and begin to gravitate towards it ^^

04 Nov 2010 - 20:1444137
I meet up with my 2 friends, we always cosplay in a group, and we put forward ideas and go with the ones everyone likes. 8D

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