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29 Oct 2010 - 19:2343828
TRAINS CLOSED?! D: -Need help please-

Can someone please help?

I need to get from Victoria to the Excel centre, but.. the trains seem to be naffing up for Saturday..

I really can't figure out if the District line is only closed at some stops or the whole train.

Can someone please please help map out what to do? D:

29 Oct 2010 - 20:1743829
Okay, wow, that is messed up.

Honestly, I think your options involve either several changes (Victoria line up to Oxford Circus, change onto the Central line there and go to Bank, then get the DLR from Bank to Limehouse, then change there onto a DLR train that goes towards Beckton) or getting a bus from Victoria to Bank (I think the number 11 route would be the right one there) and getting on the DLR there and then changing at Limehouse as above.

Neither's very straightforward, I know, and might be a pain if you're travelling with lots of luggage. If you know anyone else who'll be coming in on the same train, you honestly might be better off pooling your money for a taxi.

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